Can a Cat Crossing your Path bring Misfortune?

Cat Crossing – It is considered superstitious if a cat, especially a black one, crosses your path. The article digs at the origins of this ill founded superstition.

Cat Crossing

In order to understand how this superstition about a black cat crossing one’s path came into existence you need to know that cats and in particular the black Siamese cats are highly clairvoyant and telepathic.

There has been a period in human history when all humans had telepathic abilities just as all animals have. In those days people knew about the highly developed spiritual abilities of cats and the black ones in particular. So if a person was going on a secret mission with wrong intentions and a cat came in front then that person was embarrassed since the telepathic cat would know that person’s secret mission. So this prompted people to label a cat crossing one’s path as ominous.

Cat Crossing – Eyes of God

Cats use to live on a different planet in another universe. They did not perform well during a round of evolution, so they were given a choice of either to repeat another cycle for evolving or to shift to the Earth and be the eyes of the God. They were assigned the task of reporting to the divine headquarters what each person does.

Due to this humans developed a fear of confronting a black cat especially when embarking on an ill-intentioned mission.

Cat Crossing – Let us be fair to Cats

Black cats have been neglected and they face hostility and even death because of wrong superstitions.

Superstitions regarding black cats vary among different cultures. While black cats are traditionally considered to be good luck in Britain, historically countries in Europe have considered black cats to be a symbol of evil omens.

Cat loving people the world over celebrate 27th October as Black Cat Appreciation Day. So show kindness to this lovely animal by adopting a homeless black cat.

Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar