Birth Anniversary of Shree Hanuman

Let us celebrate on 21st April 2016 the birth anniversary (Hanuman Jayanti) of the Hindu deity Hanuman; who can give you purity of heart, immense power and fearlessness..

Shree Hanuman

All Hindu deities are universal deities, the personified Divine Powers ready to shower blessing on people of all religions and beliefs.

Universal Deity Shree Hanuman

All avatars or Divine incarnations appear on this Earth from time to time in order to uplift all humanity. The universal teachings of these avatars are gradually turned into narrow channels of organised religions meant for specific sects only.

Now just tell me, who on this earth does not want Strength, wisdom, knowledge and freedom from miseries and negative qualities. These traits are desired by everyone irrespective of his or her religion.


Knowing myself to be ignorant, I worship you O Hanuman to bestow on me strength, wisdom and knowledge and to take away all my miseries and negative qualities.

(You may recite the above couplet especially on Tuesdays and Saturdays as a mantra for the above mentioned results)

Negative Qualities or Vikars of Humans …

The negative qualities which obstruct our spiritual development of human beings are:

Kama (Lust)
Krodh (uncontrolled anger)
Lobh (Greed)
Moh (emotional attachment)
Ahankar (ego)

Ritualistic Way of Celebrating Hanuman Jayanti …

Devotees observe fast on this day. In Maharashtra and other western areas of India, Hanuman Jayanti fast is observed on the day prior to Hanuman Jayanti.

In North India fast is observed on the Hanuman Jayanti day. Most of Hindu fasts are observed by women, but generally Hanuman Jayanti fast is observed mostly by men, particularly all those desiring physical strength.

Get up early on this day and after cleaning your premises set an altar in your worship room. Place a an idol of Lord Hanuman and smear paste of Sindoor (vermilion) made with water, on it and light a lamp and incense.

Chant prayers and Hanuman Chalisa and offer Prasaad of sweets and bananas. You may keep a daylong fast and break it after sunset. Break your fast after Sunset after visiting a Hanuman temple or praying at home. Some devotees end their fast only on the following morning.

I wonder why women are not allowed to worship Shree Hanuman. Let us reconsider this belief in today’s scenario of increasing crime against women.

Let us Review our Beliefs

Don’t you think women of today need strength?
In order to fight with the Ravans (sexually starved demons) encased in criminal mindedmale bodies.
If you agree then allow them also to worship Hanuman ji in order to be capable of safeguarding their precious dignity.

Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar