Astrological Yoga indicating more than one Wife

*Astrological Yoga indicating more than one Wife*

Astrological Yoga

There are hundreds of astrological Yogas in Vedic astrology. Some are good and some are bad. Mere presence of a Yoga is not enough, its strength is important.

The BahuIstree Yoga means an astrological combination formed in a male’s birth chart which indicates probability of many wives. The Hindi word ‘Bahu’ here means many and ‘Istree’ means a woman. Astrology of Husband Wife Disputes

How this Yoga is formed?

This Yoga is formed if in a birth chart the ascendant lord is conjunct the 7th lord or if both cast aspect on each other.

Result of this Yoga

As a result of this yoga the native is likely to marry more than one woman.

Variations of this Yoga

This Yoga has also been observed to form if the ascendant and/or its lord have association with the 7th house and/or its lord through ways other than conjunction and aspect. The other astrological ways are through constellations (Nakshatras), Navamshas(D/9 chart) and mutual sign exchanges etc.

Strength of the Yoga

As with all astrological Yogas the strength of the yoga decides the probability of the results.
The strength of yoga is estimated by assessing the strength of the constituents forming the Yoga. Influence of Mars over Venus gives boost to the strength of this yoga and more so in specific cases where these planets govern the ascendant and 7th house. And influence of Rahu/Ketu may add further oil in the fire.

A weak BahuIstree Yoga may only indicate intimate relations of a married man with many other women.

Real Life Example

The following is the birth chart of a native in which this yoga is formed in good strength.

Here the ascendant lord is Venus and the 8th lord is Mars and both are casting aspect on each other. Both these planets are also associated with Rahu and Ketu. The native of this chart had a number of wives.

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Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar