Astrology of Husband Wife Disputes

Astrology of Husband Wife Disputes

Husband Wife Disputes – Marital knot brings together two different personalities to live under common roof. In spite of mutual love and understanding some mismatch may be unavoidable. Let us see some related main astrological indications.

Husband Wife Disputes

Among the twelve houses of a birth chart whole life seems to be revolving around five main houses. One comes to existence through the 4th house of mother. From the houses of education viz the 4th and 5th houses, one’s life direction is set.

Through the 6th house one’s material actions take place in connection with the profession. Then comes the union with one’s life partner through the 7th house and finally expires through the house of death viz. the 8th house.

The main house of marriage and one’s spouse is the 7th house. If this house is under negative influences of Rahu then then one’s spouse may give wrong advice and turn a simple matter into dispute.

From the 7th house Rahu casts its fifth aspect on the house of gains viz. the 5th house. The native’s all gains and income is side-tracked by the spouse or a doubt is created that one’s spouse is misusing the income.

If in a chart Rahu is in the 7th house then Ketu will be in the ascendant. Presence of Ketu in the ascendant causes emptiness in native’s mind.

Such placement of Rahu and Ketu causes many types of confusions and doubts related to one’s spouse and married life.

The 11th house also represents one’s friend circle and Rahu’s aspect here from the 7th house causes mistrust on spouse due to actions of friends or one’s elder siblings.

If the planet Mercury is also involved along with Rahu then doubts are created due to communications or modes of communication such as a mobile phone or internet. The native may doubt wife’s mobile communications with another man. This doubt can cause serious dispute and wreck the delicate tie of married life.

Under such conditions it is advised that one resorts to remedies for propitiation of ill causing Rahu and Ketu. In this regard some general tips as follows will help as a first aid:

• Avoid eating long kept food items and consume only fresh foods.

• Avoid taking advice from each and every person; instead use your own discretion in all married
related problems.

• Consult a good astrologer and follow the remedies suggested.

• Avoid consuming intoxicating drinks.

• Never build an underground water tank in south-west direction.

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