Astrological Yoga for becoming a Doctor

Astrological Yoga for becoming a Doctor.

Astrological Yoga – Now a day’s every student worries about his carrier from the very beginning. Many of the students are not able to decide what career would suit best for him/her. Lots of new and untraditional fields are coming up these days.

Astrological Yoga

In such fast changing society parent should be aware of the weakness and strength of their children. Parents spend a lot of money on children’s higher education, but sometimes they do not perform up to their expectations. Even though a lot of fields are available when it comes to career, but the occupation of doctors is very charming for youth for past several years.

After completing their basic education, students grapple with dilemma whether they should opt for medical field or not? They face a lot of uncertainties and questions like their ability to succeed in this field, If they would be able to clear the entrance exams, or would they finally be effective doctors? The ancient science of astrology can prove handy in answering such kind of questions. Here in this article, I will discuss about the astrological Yogas that depicts medical profession. These are essential Yogas for achieving success as a doctor. These are the yogas essential for getting the success in medical field as a doctor.

1. If strong Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Rahu make relation with 10th, 2nd, or 7th, the native becomes a successful doctor.
2. If Rahu, Ketu are strong and positioned in shubh bhava 1, 4,5,7,9 or 10th house, natives becomes a doctor.
3. If 5th and 6th house relates each other, gives good intelligence for diagnosis of diseases.
4. If 6th house or 6th lord makes relation with 10th house, native becomes a doctor or Lawyer.
5. If Mars or Ketu aspect/joins 10th house or 10th lord, native will be a surgical specialist.
6. If Jupiter or Ketu have the relation (aspect/exchange,/ position) with 10th house or 10th lord natives becomes a homeopathy doctor.
7. If any sign out of Aries, Leo, Sagittarius or Scorpio rises in 10th house, there is fair chance of becoming a doctor.
8. If Sun and Saturn are joined in 10th house native becomes a dentist.
9. Position of Sun, Venus and Jupiter in 10th house makes Gynecologist.
10. Sun and Moon or Jupiter and Mars in Angles (Kendra) make a doctor.

If one finds three or more yoga out of these above mentioned yogas in his horoscope he can try in the field of medical. He will be Successful in medical field. Here I suggest getting your horoscope analyzed by a qualified astrologer before taking any decision for the admission.

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