Amala Yoga of Vedic Astrology

Amala Yoga a combination of Vedic Astrology is one of the auspicious Yogas. This article describes the yoga and illustrates with example of a birth chart of a native.

Amala Yoga of Vedic Astrology

How this Yoga is formed?

In a birth chart the Amala Yoga is formed if the 10th house as counted either from the ascendant or from the position of the Moon is occupied by a benefic planet.

General Results of Amala Yoga

In general as a result of this Yoga occurring in a birth chart the native enjoys prosperity and a lasting reputation and is a person of noble character.

General Important Points

As with any other astrological Yogas the results will depend upon the strength of the Yoga. One must take into account the nakshatras, aspects and associations with other planets in order to estimate the overall strength of the Yoga.

A Real Life Example

The following is the birth chart of a native who was a senior officer in civil service and had great prosperity and popularity.


In this example birth chart the 10th house as counted from the ascendant is occupied by Mercury and Venus also to top it up the 10th house as counted from the natal Moon is occupied by Jupiter.

It was mainly due to Venus that the native enjoyed luxurious life style and all comforts and fame in life.

Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar