A Yoga Posture for Improving Digestion

Yoga Posture – Pawanmuktaasana

Yoga Posture – This wonderful multi-benefit Yogaasana removes wind, cures constipation and thereby improves digestion.

Yoga Posture

On waking up in the morning drink a glass of warm water and then perform this Yoga posture. Regular practice will remove trapped wind; regulate the bowel movement and tone up the digestive system. Appetite will improve and you will feel more energetic.

Yoga Posture

Caution: This asana should not be performed by pregnant women, those who recently had abdominal surgery and all those suffering from hernia.

How to Do this Asana …

You are advised to wear comfortable attire for doing this asana. Reach the final position of this asana in five easy steps as follows:

Step 1: Spread a soft mat on the floor and lie down in supine position. Breathe normally and relax.


Step 2: Exhale and then while inhaling through the nostrils raise both legs up from hips at 90 degree from the ground.


Step3: Keeping knees and ankles together bend both legs at the knees and rest them against the abdomen.


Step 4: Encircle the legs at knees with both arms and clasp each elbow with other hand. Keep breathing normally


Step 5: Lift up the head from the neck and rest the chin on the knees. Keep breathing normally.


Remain in this final posture for a couple of moments and then bring back the head on the ground to position of step 4, release both arms and bring them to position of step 3, Now while inhaling lift up the legs to position of step 2, then while exhaling slowly lower the legs and relax in position of step 1. Keep lying in the supine position while breathing normally and then slowly get up.

Benefits …

Regular practice of this asana gives the following benefits:

• Trapped wind (gases) in the large intestine is released.

• Constipation is cured by triggering the bowel movement.

• The digestive system is toned up thereby improving appetite.

• Blood circulation improves.

• Back muscles are strengthened and body posture is improved.

• Reproductive organs and pelvic muscles are massaged and menstrual disorders in women are cured.

• Excess fat in abdominal area, thighs and buttocks is reduced.

Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar

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