A Yoga Posture for Flexible Body

A Yoga Posture for Flexible Body

Yoga Posture – Paschimotaan-asana is a Hatha Yoga Asana,which is good for increasing flexibility of your physical body. A regular practice of this asana(posture) also improves appetite and cures many other problems

Yoga Posture

There are many Hatha Yoga Asana (Yoga Postures) each has some specific purpose. Here in this article I am describing the one called ‘Paschimotaan-asana’.

Imp. Note: You are advised not to attempt this Yoga Posture if you are suffering from high blood pressure, back problems, asthma or diarrhoea

Benefits of Paschimotaan-asana

This is a simple but very impressive asana which makes the body flexible and improves overall health.

Regular practice of this Asana gives the following benefits:

Gives a flexible body

Improves digestion

Increases appetite

Cures Spleen ailments

Cures liver ailments

A Yoga Posture for Slim-Trim Body and Healthy Mind

Reduces body fat

Cures Piles trouble

Cures Backache

Regulates menstrual-cycle of women

Strengthens Nerves

Stimulates Sushumnanadi

Note:‘Sushumnanadi’ is a subtle energy channel in the spinal column and its mild stimulation through this Asana initiates spiritual development.

How to do it in steps?

You are advised to do Yoga Asanas empty stomach and never soon after meals. Yoga Cure for Obesity

Here is how you can do it in three simple steps. Throughout this asana focus your attention at the solar plexus (Umbilicus) called Manipur Chakra:


Step 1: Sit straight with both legs stretched forward inhale a full breath and raise arms as in sketch 1.

Step 2: Slightly bend forward holding toes as shown in the sketch 2.

Step 3: Exhale while bending down touching elbows on ground and holding toesor folding hands around ankles as shown in the sketch 3.

If in the beginning you are unable to bend down fully and touch elbows on the ground then it is okay. Just bend down as much as you can easily and with regular practice as your body gains more flexibility you will be able to bend down fully.

You may remain in the final position for maximum five minutes. Take a deep breath while again raising hands and sit up. Bring down hands and relax. Yoga for Anxiety, Procedure for doing Yoga for Anxiety

Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar