A Combination of Astrology which indicates Cancer

A Combination of Astrology which indicates Cancer

*Vrana Yoga*

Combination of Astrology – Although the disease of cancer may be indicated astrologically through many combinations yet the Vrana Yoga has been observed in many cases.

In Vedic astrology there are many combinations (Yogas) involving planets, signs and houses which can occur in a birth chart. Such Yogas may indicate good or bad conditions for the native depending upon their auspiciousness or inauspiciousness.

combination of astrology

Diseases can also be known through detailed analysis of a birth chart. At present lot of research work is needed in Medical Astrology.

How Vrana Yoga is formed? …

If in a birth Chart the 6th lord is a malefic and it is placed in the ascendant, 8th house or the 10th house then this yoga is formed.

This Yoga is most likely to be formed in the birth charts of Gemini, Leo, Virgo, Scorpio or Pisces ascendant signs.

The part of body where the disease of cancer may occur will depend upon the relevant planet.

House Of Birth ChartThe direction it represents
Associated PlanetBody part likely to have Cancer
SunHead (Brain), heart, stomach, blood,
Moonmarrow, breasts, heart
MarsBlood, Bone marrow, reproductive organs, uterus, neck and rectum
MercuryNose, mouth, umbilicous
JupiterEars, liver, thigh
VenusTroat, reproductive organs
SaturnHands, feet, legs, gums
KetuHead, neck, blood

Results of Vrana Yoga …

The native in whose chart this yoga is found has very high probability of suffering from the disease of cancer.

Birth Chart of a Cancer Sufferer …

The following is the chart of a native who suffered from cancer of rectum. Here the 6th lord Mars occupies the 10th house and it is aspected by malefic Saturn. The planet Mars governs rectum area.


Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar

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