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(For those born during September 23 – October 22)

Welcome to 2016, dear Libra. The New Year begins with the Moon in your sign; what a way to start! No doubt you’ll be set to make a few New Year’s resolutions, or dash out and invest in a new wardrobe.

As the year unfolds, giant Jupiter transits your 12th house of secrets, sorrows and subconscious motivations. There are many things happening behind the scenes in unlocking the vaults of your subconscious mind. A deeper level of understanding and knowledge is unfolding, but it is hidden. Search for inner growth by self-examination and taking interest in esoteric truths, meditation and philosophy. You’ll definitely need to resist self-pity, unnecessary guilt and negative indulgences. Build on developing an unselfish attitude by showing compassion and concern for the welfare of others, particularly those who are in hospital or institutions. With the North Node also in your 12th, there’s a possibility of meeting someone significant who will help with the expansion of your growth. Jupiter moves out of your 12th house on September 8th and into your 1st house of personality which will mark a fabulous phase of good fortune until October 10th, 2017.

The Goddess Venus, your planetary ruler, starts the year in fun-loving Sagittarius, your 3rd house of communication. Enjoy excitement in your daily life, creative ideas, travel and secret business. Venus dances into Capricorn on January 23rd when your focus will turn to the home. Redecorating, entertaining the family, loved ones, and close friends will all be favoured The Goddess will then make her way through the other zodiac signs, adding a dash of her attractive qualities and charm.

Mercury will turn retrograde four times this year starting on January 5th. If you have made plans to move, then this may create a few hiccups with removalists, real estate agreements and family business. Home improvement plans may need to be rescheduled, and misunderstandings with family members are in the frame. (See below for further Mercury Retrograde periods) The Cosmic Prankster will clash with stern Saturn and the Sea-God Neptune from June 20th to 22nd and again from August 5th to the 8th. This is bound to trigger off delays and restrictions to your travel plans, mobility and routine. Health matters could surface, particularly if you are abroad.

Mars Retrograde

This year Mars, the God of War, turns retrograde on April 17th, which only happens once every two years and two months. The effects of each of these phases differ according to the sign in which it falls. A planet is described as retrograde when it appears to be moving backwards through the zodiac.

Can you withstand the challenge? Mars will turn retrograde in Sagittarius, your 3rd house of communication, before re-entering perceptive Scorpio on May 27th, your 2nd house of personal earnings, values and possessions. The Warrior then returns to direct motion on June 29th, before re-entering Sagittarius on August 2nd. However, you will be in a much better position to resume your chosen course of action after August 22nd.

The first part of the Mars retrograde phaseoccurs in your 3rd house from April 17th to May 26th. It may be hard to get creative ideas off the ground, particularly if your patience is running out and you are ready to blow off some steam. Your energy levels could do with a lift, especially if you are trying to juggle more than you can handle adding frustration to decision-making. Mobility, car problems, transport, computers, and phone breakdowns could prevent you from doing your day-to-day errands. Make sure your car insurance and services are up to date. Go easy with feuding neighbours, siblings and relatives, as conditions will be ripe to haggle over past conflicts and are likely to open up a can of worms. From May 21st to the 26th, and June 13th to 15th, news you receive may not be pleasant, particularly if it involves litigation, study, travel arrangements or prominent people.

The second part of the Mars retrograde phase is in your 2nd house from May 27th up to August 2nd. You will feel the effects of being short of money with unexpected repairs, bills, or spending impulsively. This is the time to scrutinise your spending, short-term cash options and availability of personal resources. Finance negotiations could do with more input, but avoid getting into heated confrontations if it involves other people’s money. Plan a budget that you can work with to rectify any short falls, be thrifty and avoid spending on non-essentials. Review your options for consolidating debts and reducing interest rate charges on borrowed money. You may have to re-evaluate your self-worth based on material conditions.

Relationships: the Journey to the Heart

Rebellious Uranus remains in your 7th house of marriage, partnership and open confrontation, bringing excitement in romance, and unusual or unpredictable changes to your relationships and partnerships. Some unions and marriages may be short-lived with Uranus knocking over the traditional structures of commitment. Long-established relationships are unlikely to last, especially if there have been difficulties, unless of course they undergo major changes and allow for adjustments.

This could mean more freedom, space and individuality within relationships. If your significant other is still with you during this time, then the chances are they are open to your ever-changing needs and demands, so stay with them. Revitalise your relationships by introducing a change in routine and interests. Consideration should also be given to your partner’s own crises and developmental needs to allow for further growth.

A Full Moon Lunar Eclipse comes in your sign on March 23rd. This cosmic event will also put the spotlight on relationships and will be a test for survival.

The Goddess Venus steps into fiery Aries from April 5th to the 29th, adding charm to your 7th house. Ardent and passionate love will thrive, even a feisty love affair could blossom. It will be a favourable time for romance, more so with partners that are in love, with existing partnerships enjoying harmony. It’s a perfect time to make compromises and iron out difficulties in legal matters.

The Warrior Mars marches through Aquarius from November 9th to December 18th. Your magnetism and sexual energy will intensify and you’ll love to be involved in creative projects, or let off some steam with sports. Pay attention to children as they are likely to get up to mischief under this transit.

Career and Finances

Seductive Venus steps dances through Cancer, your 10th house, from June 17th to July 11th, which will be perfect for advancing your career, enjoying the social limelight and gaining prestige. From June 4th to the 6th, however, there’s potential for disappointment due to duties on the home front versus your wish for popularity and success. As you make steady progress with your career, the New Moon in Cancer on July 4th will increase your chances of taking a new direction. Start reviewing your long term ambitions, professional and business matters. You are more likely to be intuitively aware of others, particularly if you want to negotiate a change in your career.

On April 22nd, a Full Moon in Scorpio influences your personal income stream, values and possessions. This is the time to budget, scrutinise your expenditure, and review your ability to meet your commitments. Touchy feelings are likely to surface over joint accounts and belongings, investments, legacies and taxes.

Finances will go through a lull as Mars retrogrades in your 2nd house from May 27th to August 2nd. You’ll appreciate your hard-earned cash and look for ways to overcome the financial demolition that Mars had caused previously. You’ll welcome some extra cash as Venus improves your money flow from September 23rd to October 17th.

Home and Family

As Underworld Pluto makes his way through your 4th house, family relationships will undergo major transformations. It will be a slow process unravelling personal past issues, divorce, separations and other family dynamics. These changes can be for the betterment of family members, but there is usually a price tag associated with change in residence, rental accommodation, property and possessions. In some cases the cost can be minor in comparison, with repairs to the home giving it a totally different appeal and a whole new look.

You’ll appreciate Venus stepping into Capricorn from January 24th to February 16th, giving the home front a delightful lift. Be inspired to express your inner self by being creative. Get in the mood and redecorate, but keep it practical with expenditure. It will be a great time to entertain, have family get-togethers and invite over close friends.

On July 19th, a Full Moon in Capricorn will bring out strong feelings amongst family members. You’ll place more significance on family values, old habits, comforts and security. Tensions are likely to rise just prior to the Full Moon, thanks to Pluto’s powerful influence.

Work and Health

This year, the Sea-God Neptune continues his lengthy journey through Pisces, your area of work and health. Cloudy thinking, confusion and daydreaming could affect your day-to-day routine as well as your job performance. You’ll benefit most by working where it involves service to others, including customer relations, the military or police, or helping co-workers, sub-ordinates and employees. Other avenues could be through selfless volunteer work. Neptune can influence your inspirational thoughts, creativity and artistic avenues. Your spiritual beliefs may be reinforced and you may find work with esoteric organisations. Guard against psychosomatic illnesses and addiction to medication, and don’t overdo it with alcohol. Your daily routine could incorporate meditation, and healthy alternative practices.

On March 9th there is a Solar Eclipse in Pisces, and six months later, on September 16th, a Lunar Eclipse, also in Pisces. These will have a major bearing on the direction of your work, health, and routines over six-month intervals. Your field of work could change totally; you might decide to start a new health kick, exercise plan and overcome a few bad habits. There may be involvement with hospitals, institutions, caring for those less fortunate or rehabilitating in some way.

Leading up to the New Moon in versatile Gemini on June 5th, there’ll be a dreaded grand cross formation. The Sea-God Neptune will confuse, add delusion and deceive events with work and health, while sombre Saturn restricts your mobility, adds sobriety to your daily affairs and communication opposing Venus the Goddess of Love and Beauty. Jupiter will sit in the heavens disturbing your quiet thoughts with doubts. Take precaution with health issues, as your ideals could be challenged, causing apathy, frustration and sadness over a relationship.

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