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(For those born during July 23 – August 22)

Welcome to 2016 dear Lions! This year you will embark on a new chapter highlighting your career and finances, together with your areas of communication, work, health, romance, home and family. The Full Moon falls in your sign on January 24th. What a way to start the year! It will be time to put your best foot forward, outshining the rest with your magnetic charm, confidence and attractive qualities.

Mercury, the Cosmic Prankster, will turn retrograde four times this year starting the first phase on January 5th. You’ll experience hiccups, stop-start conditions, delays and irritations in general work, health, finances, and career. See below for further Mercury Retrograde periods. The Cosmic Messenger will clash with Taskmaster Saturn and the Sea God Neptune from June 20th to the 22nd and August 5th to the 8th. Difficulties will arise over friendships, children, speculations and investments, where potential misjudgements and poor decisions have been made.

Mars Retrograde

This year Mars, the God of War, turns retrograde on April 17th. This only happens once every two years and two months, but the effects of each phase differs according to the sign in which it falls. A planet is described as retrograde when it appears to be moving in a backwards motion through the zodiac.

What significance will this have for the magnificent Lion? Mars will retrograde in Sagittarius, your 5th house of romance, creativity and speculation before striding back to passionate Scorpio on May 27th, your 4th house of home and family. Mars then returns to direct motion on June 29th, re-entering Sagittarius on August 2nd. This is a lengthy phase, testing your patience, but all hands will be back on deck after August 22nd.

The first part of the Mars retrograde phase occurs in your 5th house between April 17th and May 26th. Leos may find setbacks in place as the Warrior returns to finish off creative projects that were originally done in haste and now need finishing touches. New love attractions could do with a second chance, particularly if impatience got the better of you or a relationship ended abruptly. Your energy is likely to be depleted, not to mention your enthusiasm for love affairs. A sports injury could play havoc; problems with children may arise, along with delays in moving forward with musical interests, the arts and promoting events. Don’t take on risky speculations, or dangerous sports and games. From May 21st to the 26th, and June 13th to the 15th, disagreements are likely to arise through friends, groups and love relationships.

The second part of the Mars retrograde phase happens in your 4th house from May 27th up to August 2nd. Past issues are likely to erupt with family members, coming to terms with changes to the domestic scene and scenarios of indifference cropping up. Strife may loom over settlements with a relative, or possessions, property and real estate. Renovations, repairs and building plans are not running to schedule. You might feel totally frustrated relying on others to do certain jobs for you, so you’ll inevitably consider doing it yourself. However, safety precautions at home will be paramount, as there is a risk of injury or fire. Make sure your insurance is up to date, and your tools, machinery and sharp objects locked away. On June 9th and 10th, be tactful when negotiating with those in authority, an employer or family member; others may be in the mood to challenge you with an argument.

Lord of Karma

The year begins with Taskmaster Saturn in your 5th house, dragging the ball and chain, restructuring, and placing heavy demands on love affairs and relationships with children. It will definitely be a long haul until December 2017. From January 8th to the 10th, it may be difficult to express your feelings, put love on hold, or awaken to your responsibilities. This said, a new friendship or love relationship that begins now could endure the test of time and turn out to be long-lasting.

Relationships: the Journey to the Heart

Sensual Venus dances in fun-loving Sagittarius, your 5th house of romance, creativity and speculation until January 22nd. This marks a wonderful time to attract love, have fun, and enjoy the social scene, entertainment, theatre or the arts. Couples and singles will benefit from the Goddess’ presence boosting your magnetism and your creative side. And indeed, Venus will give you another chance from October 18th to November 10th.

In the first half of February you’ll be able to reap the benefits of talking through love matters, especially if you work together. Enjoy the physical side of sports, or just each other’s company. Venus skips into your 7th house of significant commitments on February 17th, smoothing the path of serious relationships up to March 11th. This is a fabulous phase in which to make peace, harmony and love with one’s partner. Iron out any difficulties; offer an agreement, and settle the dust with opponents and legal issues.

Raising the Voltage

Mars moves into Sagittarius on March 6th, raising the voltage with your passion, physical energy and vigour. The Warrior Planet’s retrograde phase starts in Sagittarius on April 17th, lasting until May 26th. First he storms through your 5th house of romance and children, then back into your 4th house before re-entering Sagittarius on August 2nd. Your mojo could be at a low point, giving you time to reconsider commitments made back in February, and not attempting to be as adventurous in playing the field.

Mars journeys through Aquarius, your 7th house, from November 9th to December 18th. This is likely to create of focus for ego battles, and a fixation on getting your own way — and winning at all costs. It will be better to use the Warrior’s energy to resolve difficulties in a harmonious way by airing differences in a friendly fashion. This includes divorce disputes, and legal difficulties with opponents.

Career and Finances

Career prospects suffer a halt as Mercury is retrograde in Taurus, your 10th house of career and ambitions from April 28th up to May 22nd. Your future plans could do with a review as unexpected setbacks may get in the way of presenting your ideas with employers. Try not to be too set in your opinions, or to procrastinate. Other people may be slower in delivering answers and approvals. Finances will undergo a thorough examination, starting with the Pisces New Moon and Solar Eclipse on March 9th in your 8th house of sex, death and taxes.

Lovely Venus dances through your 10th house from April 30th to May 23rd, when opportunities are likely to be unveiled. Celebrations, success and positive developments are likely from May 8th to the 12th. This will be followed by good fortune surrounding discussions on negotiations and business dealings from May 18th to the 26th. You’ll be able to get your plans underway after June 8th.

A New Moon on June 5th in Gemini, your 11th house, will point you in a new direction. Setting goals into place toward your future aspirations is favoured. Variables with this New Moon could see your hopes disillusioned, or bring confusion over monetary arrangements, financial losses and disappointments, leading you to question the reliability of others.

A culmination of swift circumstances will eventuate under the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Pisces on September 16th. The issues will revolve around joint accounts, partner’s funds, or property and money that you have with others, such as investments, inheritances and taxes. Not only that, there’ll be major changes to your personal money stream and possessions with a New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Virgo on September 1st. This may cause you to reassess your personal values and priorities.

This will be topped off with a Mercury Retrograde phase between August 30th and September 22nd in your 2nd house. It will be a slow process resolving agreements, making changes to your financial obligations, business partnership ventures, and waiting for money availability.

Big brother Jupiter staked his claim in your 2nd house during 2015, bringing financial benefits, rewards and legacies. However this may have brought about overspending, business losses by over-investing or being unduly big-hearted with your generosity. The expansive Giant will move into Libra, your 3rd house of communication, on September 9th.

Home and Family

The Warrior Mars strides into Scorpio on January 3rd, staying there until March 5th in your 4th house of home and family. Your physical and emotional energy will revolve around activities on the home front, real estate and property. You might decide that it’s time to clear out accumulated rubbish, old wares and items. Clashes could arise over family business matters, tensions with a parent, property sales, and living conditions.

The Full Moon in Scorpio on April 22nd will bring out strong emotions around family traditions and memories of the past. This is the time when family tensions may erupt over sensitive issues.

As if Lions won’t have enough to contend with, the second part of the Mars retrograde phase occurs in Scorpio from May 27th to August 2nd. It’s a long stay by the Warrior, unearthing past problems and conditions. Subconscious motives may be at play, particularly if there is resentment towards a family member or someone who is sharing your accommodation.

The atmosphere at home should improve as attractive Venus spends time in your 4th house between September 23rd and October 17th. You should see a marked improvement in living conditions, bringing a harmonious atmosphere and an enjoyable time with family and close friends. The New Moon in Scorpio on October 30th will set you on a new course of action with greater activity, agreements, dialogue and plans.

Work and Health

Dark Pluto remains all year in Capricorn, your 6th house, impelling health regeneration and creating work instability. This is not the time to neglect your health or diet, as it can induce a physical breakdown if you neglect your well being. Rebellious Uranus has been triggering spontaneity in an urge to broaden your horizons and awaken new life experiences. Thanks to these mighty giants, you may have had to undergo a series of job roles, assignments or contracts that have presented ongoing problems.

Mercury will retrograde into ambitious Capricorn on January 8th, reawakening your 6th house of work and health. This will prove to be an annoying phase, when breakdowns in communication, efficiency and system crashes are likely. Why not put a New Year’s resolution into place to improve your health and exercise regime? A New Moon occurs in Capricorn on January 10th also in your 6th house, which will reinforce your work commitments, as you take control, showing emotional moderation, ethics, and responsibility. Mercury goes direct on January 25th, leaving your 6th house on February 13th. In general, however, February sees more proactivity, success and recognition for your work efforts.

Mars makes haste through your 6th house from September 27th to November 10th. Your momentum will increase your work capacity, but disruptions and ego differences are likely to arise from October 18th to the 21st as the Warrior takes on Dark Pluto. From October 28th to 31st, irritations and arguments will raise the dust for one more round of disagreements, and abrupt job changes.

It’s worth mentioning here that the last Mercury retrograde phase starts on December 19th, slowing down work conditions before lifting the momentum on January 12th 2017, resuming a normal pace from January 28th.

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