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(For those born during May 21 – June 20)

Welcome to 2016 dear Gemini!

The year ahead will begin a new chapter for you, mainly in your sectors of relationships, finances, friends and wishes, home and family. The New Moon in loyal Capricorn on January 10th starts the year in your 8th house of sex, death and taxes. The Lord of the Underworld, Pluto, and Sky Lord Uranus continue to bring imminent changes, breaking away from traditional values, and creating stressful conditions with friends, associates and groups that you belong to. Emotions will be elevated in your sector of finances, other people’s money and money owing to you. It’s advisable not to take on risky speculations, and shady business deals. 2015 was an example on ongoing factors which will be carried over into 2016. Your priorities will take another direction to achieve goals, and dreams. It may be a shaky start ahead mastering raising fears, but with it a new pathway.

Mercury, your life-ruler, will turn retrograde phase four times this year starting on January 5th. You’ll experience hiccups, stop start conditions, delays and irritations in your areas of finances, secrets, career, home, family, and relationships. See below for further Mercury Retrograde periods. The Cosmic Messenger will clash with Taskmaster Saturn and the Sea God Neptune from June 20th to the 22nd and August 5th to the 8th. This will be the time to watch for deception and problems in your career, relationships and contracts.

Mars Retrograde

This year Mars, the God of War, turns retrograde on April 17th, which only happens once every two years and two months. The effects of each phase differs according to the sign in which it falls. A planet is described as retrograde when it appears to be moving backwards through the zodiac.

How will this affect the versatile Twins? Mars will turn retrograde in Sagittarius, your 7th house of significant commitments before slipping back to passionate Scorpio on May 27th, your 6th house of work and health. Mars then turns direct on June 29th before re-entering Sagittarius on August 2nd. This marks a lengthy phase of moulding your energetic drive into patience and solidarity, with more sustained effect after August 22nd.

The first part of the Mars retrograde phase occurs in your 7th house. Your dealings will revolve around your relationships and partnerships, marriage, agreements and contracts. This can bring about differences of opinion, frustration, and anger during the process of settling and eliminating areas of discord. This is not the time to enter into a hasty relationship, particularly with someone who is fiery by nature, as it is bound to bring unsettling conditions and eventual separation. There’ll be the issue of ego battles, arguments with your partner, problems settling legal disputes in the case of a divorce, and with opponents. Reconciliations tend to be difficult, inviting verbal attacks and fights. Business partnerships and contractual agreements could see further tension and ongoing differences of opinion.

August 21st to the 28th will be deadlocked as stern Saturn and Warrior Mars meet head-on in a test of strength. It will be a clash between directed action meeting the force of resistance. Meanwhile the Sea-God Neptune squares the two planets, bringing confusion and cunning to your career and reputation. However, conditions may well be beyond your control.

The second part of the Mars retrograde phase takes place in your 6th house from May 27th up to August 2nd. This is the time to take extra care in your line of work, personal wellbeing and routine. Your attention will be drawn to matters that were not completed back in February/March. You may have to undergo surgery, endure a blood disorder, experience difficulties with colleagues, or work in a dangerous environment. Your level of tolerance could be tested, or provoked into arguments. You may find that you can no longer continue in the current job due to ongoing conflicts. Safety in the workplace will be paramount, particularly around sharp objects, machinery, and appliances. Your routine may undergo changes, and you need to review your level of health and exercise, or follow a specific diet. On June 9th and 10th, disputes will arise, but don’t allow yourself to dwell on them and have doubtful thoughts. There’s a possibility of involvement with hospitals and institutions.

The Lord of Karma

The Lord of Karma, Saturn, is slowly making his way through Sagittarius your 7th house of significant commitments. During this long phase you may experience more difficulties in relationships, partnerships, marriage, business partnerships and contractual agreements. This could lead to extra responsibilities, separations, and upholding obligations which could impinge on your freedom. A marriage or partnership may be undertaken for practical reasons. Legal issues could surface, along with feelings of loneliness, or just needing time alone to attend to your health and rest.


It has been difficult to settle the dust in friendships, relationships and partnerships. Stern Saturn has brought restrictive structures and responsibilities into your relationships. Meanwhile rebellious Uranus has been interrupting any significant love relationships, although it has brought excitement while it lasts. At the moment you may have a problem relating to others, feeling insecure or not exposing your feelings. The steady hand of Saturn will bring a significant other into your life, perhaps for practical reasons, or an old friend may reappear in your life.

Relationships will be jammed in 2016. A Penumbra Lunar Eclipse in Libra on March 23rd in your 5th house of romance, creativity and speculation will start the ball rolling. April will provide excitement on the love scene, with social activity and positive developments in love relationships. The Love Goddess, Venus, dances into your sign on May 24th thrilling you till June 16th. It’s a superb time of the year to attract love, so accentuate your personal qualities, witty charm, and sensuality. Express your self-confidence, positive outlook and social graces. Notwithstanding, other factors could spoil your fun, such as settling differences with family members, real estate issues and separations during the first half of June. Meanwhile, retrograde Mars will be calling the shots and redefining areas of love and conflict between May 24th and the 26th.

Venus will highlight your 5th house of romance from August 30th to September 22nd, during which time there will be more influence on the deeper aspects of love, spellbinding attractions, bonding and loyalty. The Goddess moves through Sagittarius, your 7th house of significant commitments from October 18th to November 11th. Some Twins might make a firm commitment, marry someone of an age difference, or make an obligatory agreement. This also brings a time to make peace, mend differences, and reconstitute love in existing relationships.

There are two Full Moons in Sagittarius, the first one on May 21st when it joins Mars. Feelings will be intense with the potential for invoking dramas and arguments. It will produce a clash of egos, impulsive actions, and marital or partnership disagreements. The second Full Moon on June 20th (a Blue Moon) is sure to bring forward crucial judgements, heightened emotions, or legal matters with opponents and others.

Big brother Jupiter makes his way into Libra on September 9th, awakening your 5th house. This will mark a long phase for you to venture into your creativity, attract new romance, and improvement in existing love relationships. Opportunities, rewards and good fortune are offered during the ensuing twelve month period. Some Twins may decide to extend the family, and find happiness through children. The Full Moon in Libra on October 1st will bring further fulfilment, love commitments and harmony.

Career and Finances

Your career path will meet many challenges throughout the year, setting off a series of events. February 19th to March 19th will have a great impact on your career with a New Moon and Solar Eclipse on March 9th, with a number of challenging issues. Make sure you have clear objectives in mind, and uphold your public profile, so it’s not tarnished by others. The Sun in Pisces conjoins the Sea God Neptune from February 27th to March 1st, which can either lead to confusion about career changes or invoke greater inspiration and creativity. Let’s hope for the latter!

During March, your planetary ruler Mercury will stir up a whole range of issues, including contractual agreements, and matters to do with home, family and relationships. Tread carefully with negotiations, as discussions are likely to bring nervous tension, disruptions, and arguments in resolving differences. April will bring a glimmer of hope, as you set your objectives in place and find friends offering their support.

Finances improve as gracious Venus makes her way into your 8th house of sex, death and taxes between January 23rd and February 16th. This will cover money you receive from other sources, including accounts held jointly, investments, superannuation and taxes. Benefits could come your way through real estate, or family members.

The Goddess enters Cancer on June 17th, staying there till July 11th. Money sources should be become available as Venus makes her way into your 2nd house of personal earnings, values and possessions. This is the period to watch overspending on luxury and non-essentials. From June 30th to July 9th, pay attention to ongoing debacles, changes to investments and money flow from outside sources. There’ll be luck involved in settling property issues from July 1st to the 3rd. You will be in a better position to negotiate as Venus teams up with Mercury from July 15th to 19th. Streamline your budget plans, ideas and talks on managing your money, expenditure, and be thrifty. The Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Pisces on September 16th, in your 10th house, will see the culmination of efforts that you have poured into your career, home, family and relationship with others.

Home and Family

Apart from varying degrees of unsettlement during the year, you can look forward to brighter prospects. Big brother Jupiter has been proactive in offering doorways of opportunities, improvement in your life-style, generosity, moving to bigger premises, extending or living overseas. A parent or relative may have assisted in providing financial assistance with a home or setting up a residence. It’s important that you don’t overestimate costs involved in developing property, wanting more than is affordable and be led astray with big plans. Stay grounded as much as possible, by not extending over and above your limitations.

Mercury, the Cosmic Messenger, speeds into Virgo on July 30th remaining in his other home until October 6th. This is your 4th house of home and family. During this long period, Mercury enters a retrograde phase bringing unwarranted delays and hindrances in settling family business, discussions, real estate and property. The Sun will be in Virgo from August 22nd to September 21st, with positive aspects to stern Saturn and rebellious Uranus giving you innovative ideas and steady progress to accomplish matters on the domestic scene, family, relationships and with friendships. Lovely Venus dances through Virgo from August 5th to the 29th. Although this will be a good time for creating harmony, pleasant relations with relatives, and improving the home atmosphere, your main concerns will revolve around finances, relationships and your career. Opportunities, happiness and success will unveil themselves from August 27th to the 30th.

The New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Virgo on September 1st will present a new set of standards and course of action to follow. On September 9th, Jupiter exits Virgo, and strides into Libra, your 5th house. How fortunate!

Work and Health

Energetic Mars will be proactive in your area of work and health as it enters intensive Scorpio on January 3rd, staying there until March 6th. This will stimulate your motivation to accomplish tasks, improving routine and performance. You’ll be able to consolidate and use your perceptive qualities to streamline important work in an effort to improve finances and home security. This can have a downside, so avoid being overzealous with those around you, including work colleagues. It’s a good time to research a physical fitness program, but be cautious working around machinery and with sharp objects. Some Twins may find it necessary to have surgery performed. Areas of health to watch are injuries to the head and face, problems with red blood cells, muscles, bladder, and nervousness.

A Full Moon on April 22nd will stir up emotions and important facets of work, habits and health problems. It’s a demanding time, and when completing schedules, try not to overload your physical limitations.

The Warrior retrogrades back into Scorpio between May 27th and August 2nd, which will put extra strain and workload into your schedule. Specific jobs will need more detailed attention and adjustment to a slower pace. Recouping from health issues will take longer than usual.

Gracious Venus dances into Scorpio on September 23rd staying there until October 17th, making work more pleasurable, and pleasant for co-workers and employees. Work conditions should improve, as will your creativity and services to others. Not to be outdone, the Sun beams into your 6th house from October 22nd to November 20th. Mercury will propel activity, ideas and versatility from October 24th to November 11th. A new Moon in Scorpio on October 30th will combine with Mercury, which will be great for mental stimulation, but don’t be overly sensitive to criticism by others. Be careful about changing your views or becoming involved gossip.

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