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(For those born during June 21 – July 22)

Welcome to 2016, dear Crabs! This year will see you embark on a new period of development in your areas of communication, higher ideals, home, relationships, travel, work and health.

Mercury, the Cosmic Prankster will turn retrograde four times this year, starting on January 5th. You’ll experience hiccups, stop-start conditions, delays and irritations in general communication, relationship commitments, transport, travel, friends, and wishes (see below for further Mercury Retrograde periods). The Cosmic Messenger will clash with Taskmaster Saturn and the Sea God Neptune from June 20th to 22nd and August 5th to the 8th. News may not be welcome with work, health, and private concerns. It could lead to deception, secrets coming out, dealings with hospitals, institutions and behind the scenes activity.

The New Moon in ambitious Capricorn on January 10th takes place in your 7th house of significant commitments. Dark Pluto and rebellious Uranus bring instability with ongoing states of strain, alternatives, and revaluations. As a result, traditional concepts and stale conditions will undergo transformations in relationships and partnerships. New relationships may begin, while existing relationships are likely to undergo tremendous pressure to reform or end. Other Crabs could make a love commitment under an emotional tidal wave, while existing relationships will do or die under this restructure. However this is a good time to mend rifts, or strengthen bonds and obligations. Other alliances and business partnerships will formulate new courses of action.

Mars Retrograde

This year Mars the God of War turns retrograde on April 17th. This rare event only happens once every two years and two months, but the effects of each phase differs according to the sign in which it falls. A planet is described as retrograde when it appears to be moving backwards through the zodiac.

How will this impact on you? Mars turns retrograde in Sagittarius, your 6th house of work and health, before moving back into passionate Scorpio on May 27th, your 5th house of romance, creativity and speculation. Mars then turns direct on June 29th before re-entering Sagittarius on August 2nd. This is a lengthy phase which will remould your need for action into patient persistence. Your momentum will start taking significant effect after August 22nd.

The first part of the Mars retrograde phase occurs in your 6th house. The Warrior is disruptive at the best of times due to excessive energy, but you will come back for a second chance at completing a health or work issue. Frustration may set in if you are forced to complete certain tasks or placed in a situation that requires surgery and rehabilitation. Your routine may be changed in some way, blocking your usual enthusiasm. Patience will be your virtue, particularly if you have to slow down rather than becoming impulsive and hasty in your actions. Consider settling differences with work colleagues; make sure your physical fitness and general well-being is in good shape. Be aware of safety in the workplace, especially when handling sharp objects, appliances and machinery. Abrasions, cuts or problems to the face, red blood cell issues, nervous tension, or muscle and bladder difficulties are also in the frame.

The second part of the Mars retrograde phase takes place in your 5th house from May 27th up to August 2nd. This will menace your stream of creativity, indicating setbacks with projects, problems with children, and spending more time in solving other troubles. Your ability to take part in physical sport may be affected due to injury. Your interests in the arts or music may have been halted. The usual fun with friends and socialising will have its drawbacks. Romance may not have the same sparkle. Your usual libido and relationships may suffer, particularly if you have made a commitment back in February. It won’t be the time to take on risky speculations, gambling or playing dangerous games and sports. From June 9th to 10th, a long standing argument may present itself through your network of friends, associates, or a group. The future projection of your goals may need further work.

August 21st to the 28th signals caution as sombre Saturn and the Warrior duel for supremacy. Your physical strength and energy may be low at this time, which may coincide with a surgery, or an illness that will make it difficult for you to work. The Sea-God Neptune squares these two enemies, bringing weak vitality, self-denial and dullness. In some instances, your ideals may be crushed and journeying delayed.


Dark Pluto continues to dislodge harmony from relationships and partnerships in your 7th house of significant commitments. This has brought unsettled conditions, marriage breakdowns, separations and topsy-turvy role-play. What has been accepted in the past is no longer part of your changing needs, and relationship players need to understand that the sweeping turbulence of Pluto will bring a shift, a transformative effect in existing relationships. This can make you feel insecure about your future, but in the process you will undergo self-development in the way you relate to others. For some Crabs, power and control issues may surface, but even this will not help in retaining the same level of commitment. Rebellious Uranus will continue to sideswipe and disrupt any suggestion of a stranglehold in relationships. A significant other may step into the picture, a totally different type from traditional expectations, opening up more freedom, passion and individuality within your structured area of love.

The Warrior heads into your 5th house of romance on January 3rd, energising it until March 5th. Your lusty drive and strong energy is bound to attract love quests, while adding more passion and bonding into existing relationships. Some may be starry-eyed and make a commitment between February the 12th and 16th. However, Mars retrogrades from May 27th up to August 2nd when your steam and vitality will need strengthening, together with your enthusiasm.

The Love Goddess Venus dances into Scorpio on September 23rd, stirring up the heat until October 17th and bringing love, pleasure and fun into your life. A new Moon in Scorpio on October 30th will join Mercury, stimulating your mind, creativity and love talk.

Mars rolls through your 7th house from September 27th to November 8th. There will be more bounce, but this transit also features ego battles and the urge to take control within relationships and partnerships. This can incite differences, particularly if you are looking for an argument or insisting on your own way. From October 18th to the 21st, Mars battles with dark Pluto, stirring up your desire for power and assertion; so play it cool, or combative tempers will fray. Settlements may be difficult to achieve, especially with opponents, in marital disputes, and in legal negotiations. From October 28th to the 31st, differences arouse strong emotional tensions, and may mar your reputation. Play it safe as this is also a time of impulsive behaviour and possible accidents.

Venus dances into your 7th house from November 12th to December 6th. This will be a fabulous time to settle love differences, and add peace and harmony. Some Crabs may start a new love relationship, get engaged, or begin a live-in situation. Passions will be running wild from November 24th to the 26th.

Career and Finances

The Sky Lord Uranus continues to make waves in your 10th house of career, ambitions and public profile. The changes have been sudden and unnerving, and have signalled a new course in paving your future plans. Originality, inventiveness, creative will, eccentric qualities and rebelling against the status quo have been in the frame. With technology moving forward, your ability to keep up with constant changes may be challenged. Not only that, your public image has been greatly impacted as you juggle relationships, home and family. Dark Pluto has made a concerted effort to push towards reconstructing your life-style regardless.

There will be underlying tensions throughout the year, but from March 1st to the 25th you will more organised and constructive in bringing about positive changes. The Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse on March 23rd will also influence your career in terms of changes and going forward while balancing the demands of your home and family life.

Venus makes her way through your 10th house from April 5th to the 29th which will be a great time for social success, or a change in career, as well as being recognised for your achievements. Luck and romance may come out of blue from April 22nd to the 24th. The New Moon in Aries on April 7th will bring a new direction, but it may not be what you expected as relationship issues will impinge on your emotions. A few adjustments are in order from June 14th to the 30th and July 1st to the 20th as your energy level may not be up to scratch. September looks more promising for shifting the barrages that have been holding you back with work and health.

Finances will be emphasized under the Full Moon in Leo on January 24th when you will take hold of your monetary position, including money and possessions held jointly with others. Review your debts and financial obligations.

February 17th to March 11th sees Venus bring a stroke of luck, infusing your money stream through work and outside sources. Notwithstanding, from July 12th to August 4th there will be a call for restraint with expenditure. August 2nd sees a New Moon in Leo which will not only set guidelines for personal earnings, but will be constructive in your work, health and routine. Action-packed Mars heads into your 8th house from November 9th to December 18th, stirring up a hornets’ nest researching and investigating money schemes. Intimate relationships, however, will welcome the extra passion.

Home and Family

Imminent changes are in store for Castle Crab, with the Full Moon and Penumbral Lunar Eclipse on March 23rd in your 4th house. This may shake your security level at the start and stir the comforts of home with disagreements with family members and children. The public may see you in a different light while you take care of responsibilities on the home front.

Big brother Jupiter will start his journey into your 4th house from September 9th through to October 10th, 2017. This is great news for opening up opportunities to improve your domestic scene, buy a new home or invest in real estate. You might decide to undertake renovations to extend the home or buy something bigger to accommodate a growing family. A parent could offer support by living with you or helping to establish yourself elsewhere. Evaluate your long-term plans and do not overestimate costs that are associated with any project you undertake. You’ll be optimistic and generous in helping others but don’t give too much of yourself or your possessions.

From the start of September till next year you will be at an advantage in bringing pleasant conditions, harmony and happiness on the home front. Plan carefully, set your priorities, and balance your work and routine. From September 25th to the 28th will be a time to call for a celebration of sorts.

Work and Health

Taskmaster Saturn is progressively making his transit through Sagittarius, your 6th house of work and health. Health matters will inevitably rise to the surface; moreover, duties will add to a full plate of responsibilities, long hours and solid work. Your organisational prowess, skill and attention to detail will be called on. Attending to daily tasks may be a chore, let alone worrying and fretting over medical issues and meeting the approval of others. Your service to others will be unsurpassed, but remember to lighten the load by having some fun.

At the start of the year, attractive Venus dances her way into your 6th house which will lighten the atmosphere with work colleagues, building good relations and pleasant interaction. However from January 8th to the 10th, at the time of the New Moon in loyal Capricorn, stern Saturn infuses sobriety into your routine. A test of jealousy is not out of the question, as are separation or changes with your work routine and fellow workers.

Mars will be proactive in accelerating your work efforts from March 6th, however the Warrior retrogrades from April 14th until May 26th, then re-enters your 6th house on August 2nd. It will be a long drawn out period of stop-start motions and trudging over unfinished business with restrictions in place thanks to stern Saturn.

There will be two Full Moons in fiery Sagittarius this year, with the first one on May 21st, will be influenced by Mars retrograde, and the second on June 20th (a Blue Moon). Both will rouse your emotions into action, drawing your attention to work, habits and health problems. It will be a demanding time, but try not to exceed your capabilities or digress into an argumentative mode with those around you. The Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse on September 16th will partly influence your work performance and health issues.

From October 18th to November 11th, the Goddess brightens your work conditions, tasks, creativity and services to others. The atmosphere around you should improve immensely, with pleasant relations, perhaps some overindulging and enjoying positive prospects. It might be time to test a new diet, or take up a health kick. A New Moon in Sagittarius on November 29th will be ideal to follow through on new plans and directions for improvements to your well being and job performance.

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