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September 2014

Romance and Relationship

Page of Swords

Well, your current hopes are perfectly clear, but there's someone in the picture who's making the realisation of those hopes rather difficult. There seems to be some unnecessary anger coming from this person, even though you're basically on the same hope track. Victory will be yours, regardless of this rather annoying and stubborn energy. The outcome of current plans will be positive, regardless of dissent.


Knight of Wands

This Knight can herald a change of residence. As it arises in this sector, this is likely to have an impact involving change in your place of work, be it with or without a change of residence. Undertaking work in partnership or alongside another person would work well for you at this time of change. Look for that person whose suggestions seem to include you in relation to a new venture: there you will find the most positive path you can proceed to walk.


The Lovers

A wish you hold close to your heart around work and income will come to pass quite soon, Virgo. The opportunity you've long wanted, to be working for yourself, outside dependence on employers, is on your horizon. It will take work from you to establish this avenue of satisfying labours and very probably this will all become possible as the result of that move spoken of in above sectors. You will find you won't be working entirely alone to establish this outlet.

Focus of Soul or Being

Ten of Wands

You do seem to be left carrying a somewhat unfair load of labour on your shoulders. You'll be wishing that a significant other person would take greater responsibility for themselves, especially considering that person does seem to also insist on being in control of the issues arising. But, it's pretty much what you expected to happen, so you'll roll with punches, knowing there's peace at the end of the road. Once again a change of residence or travel appears bold in your scheme of things.

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