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October 2014

Romance and Relationship


There's a whole new phase of life opening up for you in October, Virgo. You can expect renewed health and energy, and a quicker mind. This will come about concurrently with the renewal of a relationship that brings you joy. You will have many reasons to celebrate as certain wishes dear to your heart come true. Peace and prosperity come with being open to great change.


Nine of Pentacles

There's a future opening for you this month which means your work world will be much more independently oriented. Governing your own interests by being your own boss will free you up in many ways. You might feel nervous about such an undertaking, but as in the above sector, it's your willingness to undertake change that will be the measure of your success.


Two of Swords

Your finances will be under some stress as a result of expenses associated with those changes you choose to undertake. This will make you a little nervous, as the immediate future is as yet unsure, but you've no need to worry: those wishes you hold in relation to your financial future are soon to come true.

Focus of Soul or Being

The Hanged Man

In order to gain on the one hand you will be sacrificing some things on the other hand. You're being encouraged to let go of some aspects of your life in the past in order to walk that new path. Some aspects of change might feel like the dismantling of that which you'd felt held you safe in the past. Embrace the changes and allow meditation, as well as plain, practical good sense to be your method of adjustment.

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