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Truthstar.com provides Free Tarot Monthly Horoscope for Taurus Prediction By our Tarot expert Sanjana Mittal . Truthstar predicts what the stars hold of Taurus for your Tarot monthly horoscope in this month.

May 2016

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Romance and Relationship

Five of Pentacles

Money issues have caused difficulties in a relationship for our Taureans. Don't worry. With the help of friends or a partner you are going to come through to a harmonious positioning again. Emotional happiness and joy will then give you the courage to take a certain chance that will lead you to complete victory in the situation.


King of Pentacles

The one thing you seem sure of as the month begins is that your career is supplying you with pretty decent money. But a circumstance will arise that has you assessing if it's really worth the distress and heart pain you suffer for that fine emolument. You deserve more than a good salary for work done. What with all the hours you spend working, you want other less ephemeral gains from your working life. This leads to a time when you begin to manifest work with greater joys than just the money.



You will use what you already have to build the new. The regeneration of your financial status will come more easily than you'd expected when you reviewed just what you expect from your working life. As long as you dot all the legal I's and cross the proverbial T's in any new venture you will be successful. Oh, and keep your passport renewed.

Focus of Soul or Being

Five of Wands

Taurus, you're actually undergoing an inner struggle pertinent to events as they unfold this month. It's actually self-valuing and self-loving that's crying for attention as you embrace the slightly uncomfortable issue of renewing your carer life so that it brings more joy than the money it offers. You'll have a little voice inside telling you to grow up and accept the security your working life offers you and forget hoping for more. That's not the voice to follow. Work toward the joy.

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