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Truthstar.com provides Free Tarot Monthly Horoscope for Taurus Prediction By our Tarot expert Sanjana Mittal . Truthstar predicts what the stars hold of Taurus for your Tarot monthly horoscope in this month.

September 2014

Romance and Relationship

The Fool

Taking an emotional chance just won't work for you this month, Taurus. So, no leaps into the romantic unknown for you, no matter how inviting it seems. You will be tempted to look through rose coloured glasses and that stubborn Taurean attitude will try to rationalise the irrational. Try postponing any major moves into the emotional unknown till the month is well and truly over, otherwise you'll get plenty of hard lessons rather than plenty of love.


Six of Pentacles

Well, money comes your way Taurus and it seems that it's specifically earmarked for growing an idea within your professional sphere. You have impressed someone within your work arena with your creative and business acumen, not to mention your dedication to an idea. This will be a very pleasing period in your career that will advance you on many levels and promises victory.


The Hanged Man

A sacrifice in the immediate proves to be a boon for the future Taurus, but then I think you already know that. Now is the time to invest in matters that will furnish that future, while accepting rather stringent conditions in the present, knowing that the current investment can't fail to prove a source of security, contentment and abundance.

Focus of Soul or Being

Page of Wands

You're effectively starting a new avenue of career endeavour at this time, Taurus, and it is to be added to what you already do rather than being an alternative. You know that you must get the approval of those who are the leaders in your field and that will not be hard, but you will be encouraged to function in a partnership with certain others. This would prove to be a very worthwhile move, as long as you retain your independence in the other areas of work that you undertake.

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