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September 2014

Romance and Relationship

The Hanged Man

All is not as you imagine within your emotional life, Scorpio. There is some deception going on behind the scenes. In order to arrive at a place of emotional contentment, you're going to have to undertake something of a sacrifice. You will feel somewhat unsure, in fact nervous, in the wake of this sacrifice, but this distress will be based on past experience and isn't relevant to this situation. So, go to battle for what you need, aside from that sacrifice, and you will come to an emotional place of plenty.


Six of Swords

That new path you're considering taking with your career, thinking it a solution to greater earning capacity, isn't in fact a winning idea. Although there are those who would encourage you to make the change, among them is someone who would effectively sabotage the very efforts they've encouraged you make. It would be better to postpone any changes toward advancement until you know a bit more about the trajectory you're wanting to explore.



Your finances are soon to undergo quite a renewal and regeneration of strength. Creative planning will have served you well; in fact it's likely that it's the very financial advancement you experience in September which encourages you toward making that precipitant change mentioned in your above sector of career. Enjoy the rich harvest of September, but yet again we see that now is not the time to walk that new professional path.

Focus of Soul or Being


Here we see yet again the cards saying postpone any dramatic work changes you might be planning this month. Although you might well travel through obstructions on the road to success if you act now, at a later, more suitable date that will become obvious to you, you can achieve the success you want without those distressing obstructions that would occur if you act now. It's all a matter of timing, Scorpio, timing and thorough research.

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