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July 2014

Romance and Relationship


There are big changes about to occur in your life, Scorp, and they will affect you both emotionally and financially. But you will find that, just when you feel you've lost it all, love will be the energy that prompts a timely bailout for you. Taking a chance on that love will prove to deepen your wisdom, as well as bringing you peace of heart again.


The Magician

You will find your ability to think originally and inventively around current needs within the work arena will bring you greater success. Your ingenuity and business skills will impress many around you. There will even be the option to broaden your field of influence beyond your current shores. Although someone will try to jump on your bandwagon and take unfair credit, you'll soon nip that in the bud. Your hopes will be realised.


The Star

Well, you can't complain about having this bright card in your financial sector. Greater prosperity is assured. But do watch out for that person who would try to co-opt some of your well-earned assets. As such troublesome confrontations arise hold your courage; take no nonsense as manipulative behaviour is directed at you. Greater business wisdom will come as a result of the confrontation.

Focus of Soul or Being

The Moon

Although this card tells us that where business is concerned you will be successful, it underscores those troublesome confrontations in your career sector as being of major focus for you. There is something of a karmic test at play here, encouraging you to utilise positive diplomacy rather than negative hostility to achieve the promised win.

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Prediction By Lili Rosace

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