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September 2014

Romance and Relationship

Page of Pentacles

Victory in your emotional arena, Pisces, is bound around financial successes this month. That victory is there in the cards for you in September. Family harmony will flourish as financial difficulties ease. There will be a young person in your sphere of influence who will try to cause trouble by making unrealistic demands on you, but all up it's prosperity and contentment for you and most of those who are in your close circle.


Three of Swords

A recent win in your career sector, will surprisingly lead to further conflict and sorrow. You certainly have planted the seed for future success and growth within your career world, but the recent win could be seen as a potential false start. It will be best for you to consolidate what exists right now rather than making any major moves forward at this time. Watch for the certain someone who would try to deceive you if you move forward too fast.


Nine of CupsLovely! Your wishes pertaining to your finances are soon to come true. You'll be feeling calm and secure even though reason will arise that forces you to stand your ground against someone else's interference around this wish's fulfilment. News or communication will come your way later in the month that will prove to assure you that the potential interference has been quashed. Once again we see a picture of peace, contentment and prosperity as the outcome.

Focus of Soul or Being

Page of Wands

The news or communication that will come your way, as mentioned in the above sector of finance, will have quite a potent impact on your spiritual self or soul. The content or intelligence that is brought your way will initiate some extreme changes in your attitude or understanding of matters on the material plane. The hand of destiny is guiding events this month in order to facilitate this spiritual development.

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