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October 2014

Romance and Relationship

Five of Swords

Well, events of the recent past have certainly been fraught for you, Pisces. You've had to battle your way through toward a sad victory. Sad because in the winning you've seen some very disappointing behaviour from certain people that threatens your faith in humanity. The ultimate win is but a short step down the track and will require cool and strategic mobilisation of those you trust to support you.


Page of Wands

Communication comes your way this month, Pisces. It informs you as to how best to arrange your chess pieces in the diplomatic game that's being played out in your work place. This pertains to those emotions and events spoken of in your above sector of romance and relationship. You will battle for true justice, which will be yours, although this may not look quite as you had expected. Strength will come your way through new partnerships.


The Magician

The hand of destiny inspires you to undertake some new education or training that will expand your financial outlook. You already tend toward having more than one avenue of income and this is very much to your strength now and into the future. You will find solid support from others as you invest your new skills or trainings into the existing avenues of earning.

Focus of Soul or Being


You do so long for harmony and beauty in all things and you will achieve much strength in these qualities. Destiny is giving you a helping hand and you can expect victory in the battles spoken of in your above sectors to win you through to times of contentment and plenty. The message from Spirit however is to be a lesson in acceptance that all things change in time and your jewel of wisdom comes via learning equanimity in the face of changes.

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Prediction By Lili Rosace

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