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Taurus Tarot Monthly Horoscope For January 2014

Romance and Relationship

Ten of Cups

There's recently been a great change in your life, which has expressly affected your emotional world. The good news is that this shift brings about a time of great love and happiness for you. A fresh start is made possible that allows for happy times with friends and loved ones. True friendship will be the key positive in your emotional life. Creative inspiration will open new worlds for you.


Queen of Pentacles

This is an enriched time for your career aspirations, Taurus. Money for work done comes your way and this allows you to involve with two or three other people who can open new opportunities for you. There will be harmonious co-operation amongst those involved in these new endeavours, with mutual respect for that which each of you can bring to the table. The hand of destiny will be overseeing events around these events as they unfold.


Five of Cups

Taurus, you're fixating on money and/or material objects lost, and there's reason for that, I know. However, that fixation is preventing you from recognising what is left. The new avenue of opportunity spoken of in the above sector that will open up new opportunities for you, will bring about a solid regeneration and renewal of your coffers.

Focus of Soul or Being


January will be a month of love, harmony and lessons for the spirit in gentle and joyous ways. Divine justice can be a gentle thing and that's the face of justice you'll be seeing this month. Heart and home will take on a whole new precious meaning for the Bull as the month progresses.

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