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Libra Tarot Monthly Horoscope For September 2013

Romance and Relationship

Ace of Pentacles

You've been feeling the weight of relational issues heavy on your shoulders and, what's more, you feel very alone and isolated with the responsibility of finding solutions. Yes, you will need to maintain battle mode for some while yet, even though you are sore at heart over the circumstance. There will however be a big and rather unexpected change down the track of time, which will restore your hopes for a contented outcome.


Six of Swords

September sees you, Libra, taking passage away from the anxieties and losses of the recent past and forging a whole new path in your career. This affords you relief from the insecurities that have plagued you. There is a foreign connection associated with this advancement and you'll certainly have reason to celebrate quite soon.


King of Swords

I like this card in this position. It means that you'll need to apply that incisive mind of yours to matters of finance. The good news is that this won't be about finding a way to live on little, but will be needing to plan around the fruits of a fine financial harvest. You'll take all precautions required to legally protect your advancing financial position and ensure its safe growth into the future.

Focus of Soul or Being

The Tower

It's no news to you Libra that you're pretty uninspired by emotional or relational circumstances around you as September begins. There will be extreme change in this situation as the month unfolds, and this will not initially be to your liking. But, in time, you'll see that these changes were necessary in order that the person giving you grief should take responsibility for themselves.

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