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October 2014

Romance and Relationship

Five of Swords

There is stress and strife within the family circle, or with a loved one this month. It seems as if it's all a repeat of that which you thought you'd overcome. You will vanquish the person causing you this grief, but there's sorrow in such a victory and disappointment. No matter the gameplaying and arguments you'll face in the wake of such a victory, the seeds of positive change are being planted within this emotional maelstrom.


Five of Cups

An aspect of your career has lost its appeal to you, Libra. Some negative events with people concerned with that particular avenue of industry have soured your enthusiasm. Your choice is between simply calming your emotions and proceeding along that avenue, which would result in you feeing somewhat trapped in endeavours that go against your inner nature, or you can walk away, knowing your hopes and wishes for new positive avenues of endeavour will soon take the place of the old. There's a victory in making the change.



As the card says, your finances are strong. There's been a renewal recently in your earning capacity, most likely the re-engagement of a past line of income or employment. You'll still be juggling the pocket book, but that's mostly because of your materially cautious nature, rather than because things are tight. You'll find regenerated levels of harmony and support within your work place.

Focus of Soul or Being

The Hierophant

For your hopes to manifest concerning the loved one who brings you grief this month, you would be well-advised to make approach to the more formal authorities of your culture, be that legal advice, medical, or even spiritual support. Healing for the troubled one will in fact come with spiritual engagement.

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