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September 2014

Romance and Relationship

Nine of Wands

A person in your near and dear circle whose behaviour has serially caused you to manage situations that they create, in a manner that you feel is not in accord with your inner nature, but necessary under the circumstances. This month sees yet another issue arising out of the behaviour of this person and, based on past experience, you feel fearful that the outcome of this situation will be as negative as before. Not so Libra, this time you're going to allow the person in question to feel the consequences of their action without your intervention.


Queen of Wands

You'll be working away this month in the same old system and you'll be very happy in that system. But you will find yourself becoming more and more interested in following through on an idea or project that's independent of your usual avenue of work and income. It seems that there's another string to your bow of talents that you've never taken seriously. Well, now is the time when you will take it seriously and choose to develop it.


Ace of Wands

There are the buds of new growth pushing through into your financial sector. The talent you've decided to expand will have almost immediate financial advancement. On the other hand, that person spoken of in your sector of romance and relationship is going to cost you money yet again. Yet, somehow out of that initial loss of money comes a significant win. You are actually heading for an as yet unseen treasure trove.

Focus of Soul or Being

The Fool

Taking that wild chance of changing your usually responsive behaviour in relation to that particular, troubled person we mentioned in your sector of romance and relationship will quite obviously be successful. This is because the next card showing in relation to the Fool card is a card of celebration of success. The hand of destiny or karma is upon this circumstance so you can have faith and trust is your choices.

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