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November 2014

Romance and Relationship

Eight of Cups

Walking away from a relationship that has lost its appeal is a positive move for Librans in November. This turning away from a negative connection will not be a sudden or explosive event but will rather evolve throughout the month. You will be surprised by just how much joy settles upon your heart once you are free of the negative influence.


Nine of Pentacles

All is fundamentally well in your career sector Libra and remuneration looks very satisfying. However, there is dissatisfaction, most likely connected to a negative relationship in the workplace. You may lose one source of income but new avenues will open up, allowing you to work in two or three quite different skills based areas.


The Emperor

Now is a good time for you to re-assess the structuring of your finances. You will find that some measures you've undertaken in the past to manage your money no longer serve you as well as previously and you need to look at alternative options. Seriously consider consulting a financial expert who can put you on the right path and put a savings plan in motion.

Focus of Soul or Being

Nine of Pentacles

Again! This card confirms that you have significant prosperity and security but it indicates that you must explore and other avenues of productive endeavour. This is less about your finances and more about developing those gifts and skills that allow you greater creative satisfaction. Your Spirit wants to branch out and express itself.

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