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Truthstar.com provides Free Tarot Monthly Horoscope for Leo Prediction By our Tarot expert Sanjana Mittal . Truthstar predicts what the stars hold of Leo for your Tarot monthly horoscope in this month.

September 2014

Romance and Relationship

King of Pentacles

Money becomes an issue within your personal or relational life. It falls to you to apply for more reasonable amounts of income in order to relieve you of too much stress and labour. Whoever it is you approach over this issue will be cooperative. You will win with far less contention that you'd expected. But take note, you must get the agreement formally documented or contracted by legal procedure in order to truly anchor this arrangement over time.


Knight of Cups

You are generally quite happy about where you sit careerwise, Leo. But during September you'll begin to feel as if aspects of your work no longer suit your nature, or at very least fail to allow you full expression of your skills and training. Solutions will come when you begin to look at ways to function in two, or perhaps three different avenues of professional endeavour.


Eight of Pentacles

Although you are making moves to secure more income, now isn't the time for you to leap blindly into the unknown, even if an offer may look inviting. Just work away as you have been until legal documentation is achieved to back a verbal agreement. Once you've got that sorted, then is the time to start looking at further earning options. To move too soon would ultimately prove a negative.

Focus of Soul or Being

The Magician

Well, it seems that you'll soon become attracted to the idea of further studies. It might be a whole new avenue of training, or it could be simply a brushing up on that training or education you already have achieved. There will be those who are less than happy about you devoting such time to the new studies, so you'll have to stand your ground in the face of that., knowing you are certainly on the right track.

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