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September 2014

Romance and Relationship

Queen of Pentacles

There's money around you in September, Gem, or at least the plain promise of money to soon come. This can be a boom or bust situation, depending on whether you apply wisdom and clear business acumen to the situation, or whether you just leave things to work out by chance. It is vital that you pre-empt possible troubles by acquiring expert advice and carrying through on such. Your way to a whole new life path, of happiness, creativity and harmony rest upon your actions now.


Knight of Swords

You've been working away up until now as if you're on an inevitable treadmill. Now is the time for you to seriously look at making career changes that would lead to greater happiness and creative contentment. It is a time for you to organise great renewal of your spirits, your work life and your financial circumstances. Your wishes can certainly come true as seeded in September. There's nothing to stop you except yourself. So fight as hard as you need to avoid missing this magic moment.


Queen of Swords

This is who you need to be over this period of positive financial change, Gem, the Queen of Swords at heart. As the fact of money coming your way draws nearer, the carrion eaters will start to gather, wanting more than a share of what is yours by right: they want it all. If you don't hold yourself cool and practical and, if necessary, ruthless you could loose what destiny has proffered in the way of financial potential to be a force of change in your life. Having appropriate legal protections in situ will be of great advantage, but you'll need to do that before the money rolls in.

Focus of Soul or Being

Ace of Pentacles

Money has a spiritual intention around you this month. The access to enough money to change your whole life for the better is offered you by destiny. The spiritual lesson to be learned here is about your basic feeling of self worth. There's no question about how you truly deserve the advantages on offer. There are those who would truly try to cheat you for their own advantage. You will either allow this or fight hard to reject this, but have no doubt, it is within your power and your right to protect your interests.

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Prediction By Lili Rosace

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