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October 2014

Romance and Relationship

Knight of Pentacles

It seems to be all about money in October, Gemini. Your emotional state will be a reflection of your need for it and its supply to you. The money to pay the necessary bills will be there all right, but mostly just at the last moment, giving you a bit of a scare in the interim. You'll be feeling somewhat overburdened, but it will be a good friend who comes to your aid. But look to the future. Whether you realise it yet or not, a plan of yours has actually taken seed and will soon bring you a tidy win. You'll look back on the period of anxiety with a laugh.


Three of Cups

Lovely! You'll be celebrating a success in your career this month, Gem. A sudden change in your professional fortunes will initially startle you, but very soon you'll see that the change was very much for the better where your fortunes are concerned. You can look forward to a period of contentment, tranquillity and abundance. It is a time of heightened creative intuition.


Four of Pentacles

The win that the cards speak of in your above sector of romance and relationship is underscored and magnified here in your sector of finance. This is the material manifestation of your hopes fulfilled. You will begin to walk on a whole new path, away from the ills or anxieties of the past toward greater financial security.

Focus of Soul or Being

The Lovers

A sacrifice of some sort on your part engenders the most important spiritual element there is: LOVE. Love can and will take many different forms as it embraces our Twins: romance for some, friendship for others and even less manifestly obvious advancements such as a pure opening of the heart. Harmony will be like a mantle over all your connections.

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