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April 2014

Romance and Relationship

Four of Pentacles

There's a victory, a win for you this month Gem, and it involves money. But with this victory comes an element of sorrow. It would seem that there's someone who would challenge your victory and this might lead to the need to seek legal support. Someone certainly has the intention to deceive you, but that which is rightfully yours will ultimately come your way and your wishes will come to fruition.
Ganesh Kawach


Six of Cups

What is it you used to do, Gem, quite a long time ago? It seems that the month of April will see you offered the opportunity to undertake that sort of work again. It's entirely your choice whether you undertake this offer or not. If you do take up the chance, it certainly won't be all smooth sailing, but there is wisdom to be gained by the experience. If you choose not to be involved, there's nothing lost apart from that deepening of wisdom through experience.


Page of Cups

Quite logically, your sector of finance is tightly entwined with events in your sector of romance and relationship. This comes with the excitement of a victory or win, as well as the sorrow of challenges and the realisation of the dark intent or resentment someone holds toward you. Gather your strength Gem, and do what you must to gain what is rightfully yours, but without getting caught up with the emotional turmoil that someone else tries to embroil you in.

Focus of Soul or Being

Ten of Wands

Events as spoken of will lay something of an unexpected burden on your shoulders, but you have all the strength you need to carry that burden. What's more you will do such with a cheerful heart, because you know where you stand in the picture, so you really can't be thrown off goal, or lose confidence in your position. New paths will open and past difficulties will disappear.

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Prediction By Lili Rosace

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