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November 2014

Romance and Relationship

Three of Cups

Well, just what is it you'll be celebrating this month Gemini? It will be something that had initially caused you some prior trepidation, but turns out to be quite wonderful, with enhanced warmth and harmony between you and others. Your excellent organizational skills will be called upon during this time and not only will you thoroughly enjoy the tasks, you will be much appreciated by others.


Five of Pentacles

Help comes your way where your career aspirations are concerned and there's some foreign or overseas connection. Your hope of improving your income is soon to be realised and your desire for more creativity and satisfaction should also be fulfilled.


Nine of Pentacles

It's a good financial harvest for you this month, Gemini. This presages greater security, consistency and material wellbeing. You should have the finances required to do what you must and also what takes your fancy. There is likely to be mild fear mild fear based on negative past experiences, where income dried up almost as soon as it was acquired, but this is unnecessary now. The most sudden or surprising changes in your endeavours will turn out to be the most advantageous.

Focus of Soul or Being

The Fool

Your awareness of life as a spiritual journey will be beautifully reinforced this month. Your innate creativity is a driving force, as it gifts you with ideas and solutions. You're receiving guidance and inspiration from above and this will be a time of very positive spiritual growth.

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Prediction By Lili Rosace

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