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October 2014

Romance and Relationship

Six of Wands

You will experience a great victory this month, Cap. It will be a victory of your soul over the fears of your mind. This will be an emotionally healing milestone in your personal life that will make a big difference to many of your relationships. Hidden fears and anxieties that have had some power over your perceptions of the motives of others will become plain to you and lose all power over you. A happy and very interesting time.



Overall your work situation is very strong, though not necessarily consistent. You will find yourself taking up avenues of work for income that have been in abeyance of late, as the time for it is right. This avenue of work is, like certain other aspects of your employment, not likely to be consistent either, but now is a good time to dip your toes into those waters.


King of Swords

You will feel perfectly capable of doing the best and wisest thing with the money you have and that which you have organised to be income in the future. Word or information will come your way this month that opens up new financial possibilities. You can also expect travel will be an aspect of this furthering of your prosperity.

Focus of Soul or Being

Three of Pentacles

Much of your focus will be on organising financial and practical security, but this is pretty straightforward and of no distress to you. The inner journey spoken of in your sector of romance and relationship will be the spiritual goal underlying the more mundane activities you undertake.

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