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July 2014

Romance and Relationship

The Hermit

You'll feel the need to slow down somewhat from what has been your recent life's flow and to withdraw to regain your energies. You've been working hard and you feel the need to spend time at home with loved ones, just relaxing and reconnecting with matters of the heart. A certain feeling of sensitivity and vulnerability will be what leads you to focus on your emotional life for a while. You will have to stand strong to ensure this happens.


Two of Wands

There's an aspect of work that you are involved in that has you feeling somewhat rebellious, not to mention exhausted. Inspiration as to how to solve this predicament will come from a person with strong foreign connections, or who has studied abroad. You will soon be in a position to watch your hopes being fulfilled. but it will take some serious decisions from you for these hopes to manifest as you wish.


The High Priestess

You do feel as if you're under a heavy burden to earn money to pay the bills that are mounting. Yet, a newly acquired level of wisdom about matters material will stand you well when an issue arises this month that challenges the very justice of a fiscal matter. The negativity surrounding this will not have power to truly disturb you as it once might have. You won't be experiencing penury, so worry not. Consider, the hand of destiny is showing you something to do with your own emotional maturity.

Focus of Soul or Being

The Lovers

It's matters of the heart that require your primary focus in July, Cap. As we said in your sector of romance and relationship, it's timely for you to pay not just your attention to your special other, but honour that relationship with your time. Time is really the only thing that your relationship has recently been somewhat starved of. It might take some concentrated effort to calm that special other's doubting heart, but you will be victorious.

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