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September 2014

Romance and Relationship


Renewal and regeneration of a relationship will come your way in September, although a relationship from your past will cause some trouble, most likely concerning money, thus requiring you to solidly stand your ground. At this time your hearth and home is rich with both material and emotional treasure. You will make some very positive changes in order to protect the tranquillity of that hearth and home. A journey with a loved one is on the near horizon.


Ace of Cups

Having experienced a recent minor loss within your career, it is timely and welcome that something very satisfying and financially advantageous is offered to you this month. And there's even more on offer, although you'll need your wits about you to recognise and take advantage of it. Enjoyable work with excellent remuneration is the hallmark of September.


Seven of Cups

Well, your creative imagination is running at full throttle, but now is the time to concretize those fine moneymaking ideas by taking direct action. Offspring, or friends from the past, will prove something of a financial burden this month. So, it certainly is a time where wisdom would have you organise earnings for the future.

Focus of Soul or Being

Four of Swords

This is a month where each event within all your sectors has an underlying spiritual lesson on offer. So you, Aquarius, would be well advised to spend time in meditation and contemplation in order to glean the maximum personal and spiritual growth as events unfold.

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