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October 2014

Romance and Relationship

Five of Pentacles

With the help and support of loved ones you are journeying up and out of the distresses and losses of the past and heading for greater peace and happiness. As your inner wishes come to pass, you may feel nervous lest the good times dissolve before your eyes. Don't worry, that's just the shadow of the past and has nothing to do with outcomes in the present. You, Aquarius, will feel the sun shine on your heart and your hearts desire this month.


The Hermit

Your career is pretty balanced and predictable at the moment, yet you will be finding it quite satisfying. But seeds of endeavour, planted some while ago, are about to bloom. You will experience heightened imagination and creative drive, which will add exciting new lines of work to your life. You'll find the work enjoyable and promising of future prosperity. Oh, and you'll probably travel in order to present this creative offer.


Knight of Swords

Issues will arise within the sphere of personal relations, wherein you will find you must fight for what is right for you. Someone has some pretty crazy ideas as to what you owe them and you must put your foot down to protect your interests. A beloved friend or partner will convince you of your rights because your tendency will be to give in, in order to keep the peace. The hand of destiny is upon these matters, as it's time that you saw clearly when you are being guilt-tripped by the protagonist in this battle.

Focus of Soul or Being

Five of Pentacles

This card harkens back to the emotional journey spoken of in your sector of romance and relationship. The journey is one of moving from the sorrows of the past toward the sun that's here to bless you in the present and future. The lesson is for you to overcome the fears based on past events, seeing clearly that those fears have no reality when embracing the future.

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