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October 2014

Romance and Relationship


After a period of stress around the happiness and wellbeing of loved ones, you will experience a wonderful renewal of harmony and regeneration of the balance within the relationship concerned. This will be a positive victory for you and as such will give you much greater faith and confidence in your own ability to heal with the strength of love.


Three of Pentacles

Your income comes from two or three different avenues and this serves you well. There is however another avenue of income opening up to you that will give you the seed money to advance the one of those aspects of endeavour that is most creative. You will have to apply effort, however, in order to access that money because, although it is owed to you, no one is going to make an effort to get it to you without your intervention.


Knight of Wands

As the cards indicated in your above sector of career, you will have to take action in order to access money owed to you. You're not known as an unduly aggressive fighter, but your sense of justice will energise you. Try meditating before confrontations so that you remain tranquil in the face of the fray. The outcome will serve you well.

Focus of Soul or Being

Knight of Pentacles

Your primary focus in October will be oriented around financial issues. A friend or partner will be of great assistance in these matters. Although you will feel as if you've been emotionally drained, the support of others will lead you to both success and renewed inner peace.

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