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November 2014

Romance and Relationship

Six of Wands

There is a decided victory for Sagittarians in November, which is likely to be around the resolution of difficulties in a relationship. This could be a triumph over some emotional matter or a victory over a negative reaction or belief. Either way, peace and harmony is the outcome.


The Sun

All is well in your career sector this month Sagittarius. In fact, there's reason to expect growth and expansion in the workplace overall. This advancement means taking on more responsibility than you expected. Don't be frightened to ask for help or advice.


Eight of Pentacles

There are some ups and downs ahead of you concerning your finances, but then that's nothing particularly new to you! There's certainly happiness in your work and you will reap adequate remuneration. However, there is less than welcome news as the month progresses that will test your strength and faith. After a short period of fiscal stress your finances will improve.

Focus of Soul or Being

Knight of Wands

Your primary focus in November Archers, will be around your career sector which needs some sorting out. Although you're happy with your progress up the ladder, you need to take stock of your position. Now is a good time to re-negotiate a better, less onerous work schedule.

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