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August 2014

Romance and Relationship

King of Cups

The month of August sees you having achieved an emotional equilibrium and a depth of gentle joy that allows you to move forward, out from the sorrows of the past and toward greater peace and wisdom. The single greatest force that has brought you to this position of satisfaction is your own creative energy. Your emotional life and its attendant wellbeing sails on the wings of your artistic and creative output. So never neglect that which inspires you.


Four of Cups

You seem to have a feeling Sag that your work direction has lost its charm for you. It's time for a change, or at least a development to a higher position. Actually, you're likely to be jumping the gun if you take action in that direction this month. There is still something to be earned and much to be gleaned by staying right where you are. The time for change will make itself very obvious in its suddenness.


Nine of Pentacles

Finances are the last thing that need worry you this month. You've set the scene that stabilises your income and it's working for you very well. It's that ennui concerning your work satisfaction that may cause you problems. Inspiration and the possibility of partnership that comes through a few people who understand your creativity well will bring you reason to celebrate and yes, possibly the taking of a financial risk in order to satisfy your more artistic nature.

Focus of Soul or Being

Nine of Cups

Lovely! Your most heartfelt wish is bound soon to come true. You will find yourself temporarily jugging matters financial and material, but the payoff will certainly be the development of your creative abilities and the application of exactly that in your daily work world. Remember, change will come to you of its own accord, you do not need to court it directly.

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