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July 2014

Romance and Relationship

The Hierophant

You'll find yourself attending some rather formal events this month Sag. There's the high likelihood that some of you will be attending christenings, engagements or weddings within your circle of near and dear. You're not known as a particularly 'establishment' minded person, but attendance at such warm occasions will actually be very healing for you.


King of Wands

All is tranquil in your work arena as the month of July begins, but need will arise for you to approach an expert around fair work relations. If you are in a union you'll find your union representative most helpful. If not, you may need to approach a legal expert. Hold your courage under fire, because you will initiate much needed change.


Two of Cups

Money held or earned in partnership will see some upsets this month. There will have been at very least some unwise actions on the part of another; at most it could be deliberate undermining. You will overcome the results of these upsets, but it will be a slow process. You will once again find yourself carrying too much of the financial responsibility. The solution will come to you by undertaking more than one, probably three different avenues of earning.

Focus of Soul or Being

King of Swords

You, Sag, through calm yet unbending business savvy, will prove victorious in all confrontations arising for you this month. Events that seem unjust must be obstructed and you will have a primary role in this. Your wishes will soon come true. You'll then find you need to retreat in order to re-group your energies, but you'll withdraw victorious.

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