Pisces Tarot Weekly Horoscope

PiscesFree Tarot Weekly Horoscope Prediction for pisces. Truthstar predicts what the stars hold for pisces in this week.

15th September 2014 to 21st September 2014


You will have to bring some positive changes in your life style, and make some efforts to improve your health situation. You need more exercise under expert or nutritional education to make sure that you are eating better. Nothing will change by wishing things were different. Take control. This can be a very creative time for you, and a good time for you to actually become childlike, dream, play, be inventive. Enjoy yourself and this play will deepen and enrich your life. Outdoor games, swimming, gym will draw you attention.

Career & Profession

You will receive admiration from superiors and colleagues. Working environment will be friendly, cohesive and that would increase your efficiency. You will enjoy in working in group and come out with productive results. You will be able to win the support of your senior. Consider also exploring your spiritual or religious heritage. You would like to work for institutions and their values. Promotion/hike in salary is on the cards. You may get benefit by improving your knowledge and skills.

Love & Relationship

You are strong, courageous and establish yourself as confident person. You listen to your mind than your heart, work practically you could feel that your inner mind is working overtime. If you force the thing your views or ideas you would not succeed. At home your domineering attitude could make others irritated, and you may be left alone. Listen more and say less. Don’t find faults in others. This is the time to tame your tongue and bring compassion and concern for the loved one. You can spoil your relation otherwise.

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Predicted By : Vedic Astrologer Sanjana Mittal
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