Pisces Tarot Weekly Horoscope

PiscesFree Tarot Weekly Horoscope Prediction for pisces. Truthstar predicts what the stars hold for pisces in this week.

21st April 2014 to 27th April 2014


Your health will require your attention as you are susceptible to illness. Your spouse health needs your attention too, don’t neglect it. You need to let go of old wrongs and wounds in order to move forward. Others are trying to hold on to you and your health in ways that are not good for you. Help your loved ones to see the truth. Meditation, freedom and relaxation, is useful now. Nevertheless it is smarter to stick to the truth from the start and enhance your emotional well being.
Kalsarp Yog Nivaran Kawach

Career & profession

You will enjoy a favorable week. There will be ample scope to address your potential. Opportunities will surface all of a sudden and unexpectedly. Try to address them. If you are jointly working with someone, it would be wise to hold the reins in your own hands tightly. Your partner or associate may suddenly take a wrong turn and create confusions otherwise. Plan well and show your capabilities at your professional front and you will find that your endeavors have a great chance of success. Those who are in the business or banking profession will have beneficial time.

Love & Relationship

Make best use of all the contacts you have previously established. This will be a time of peace, joy, and prosperity for you. Family get together, discussions on property matters in lighter mood is on the card. You have a great deal to be thankful today. Relationships of all kinds should be going well. Consider how you got to this happy situation. Make the best of it, and be sure to share what you have, even if it's only a kind word spoken to someone in need.

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Predicted By : Vedic Astrologer Sanjana Mittal
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