Pisces Tarot Weekly Horoscope

PiscesFree Tarot Weekly Horoscope Prediction for pisces. Truthstar predicts what the stars hold for pisces in this week.

29th September 2014 to 5th October 2014


If you are waiting on test results regarding your health, relax and know that the news will be good. In general with your health, you will soon be feeling better/even healthier! You are getting ready to enter new realms in your spiritual exploration, which will open up new ways of looking at things for you. Pay attention to things that seem like coincidence. Calm down and make sure that you are getting adequate rest and sleep.


Pisceans are going to experience a really good time in career. There could be promotion/desired transfer or getting success in getting the job you aspire. It's important, no matter what happens, to keep your ego under control and to share any credit for good work with those who work with you even if you did all or nearly all of the work! On the whole, your work is stable and moving toward new opportunities and improvements.

Love & Relationships

Situations are not very favorable at love and relationship. . Some challenges are likely to be faced. People may try to bully you and try to hurt you. If you argue you may even call more troubles for you. Your partner may go berserk and no means and ways work for you to handle him/her. Better remain cool, find out the reason of provoking and don’t forget to say sorry if the mistake is from your end. If you're looking for love, you may need to behave with a great deal of humility.

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Predicted By : Vedic Astrologer Sanjana Mittal
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