Capricorn Tarot Weekly Horoscope

CapricornFree Tarot Weekly Horoscope Prediction for capricorn. Truthstar predicts what the stars hold for capricorn in this week.

29th September 2014 to 5th October 2014


Your health will be giving positive indications this week. This is a result of all the hard work you have been doing to improve it. Following a strict regimen is on the cars. You are on the right track, keep doing what you are doing. But don’t load yourself with too much of works; you need some rest and easy tips to improve the quality of your health. You may get busy amidst the hustle bustle in life, its best to prioritize your work and health should be first.


This week might be a time when you are contemplating to end a long-term profession/job. If you are sure about this, then don’t wait for the right time. Nothing is permanent in life, everything slips away or we slip away from it. Moving on to a new job calls for you to take some time off for yourself. Don’t rush into the next one; rather give yourself sometime to connect with your own self. Those awaiting news for an interview result will see failure. Be on your toes at your work place to get things moving.

Love & Relationships

Try to give your partner some breathing space. If you are uncommitted, and longing for love, understand that the time may simply not yet be right for you. Are there things about yourself that you would like to change? This is a good time to get yourself whole emotionally, so that when you are ready for a new relationship, that the person that you attract into your life is also whole. Don't be in too much of a hurry.

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Predicted By : Vedic Astrologer Sanjana Mittal
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