Saturn Transit in Libra and its impacts on your life

Planets do influence our life according to their nature and traits. A planet is benefic to us or malefic to us depends upon the position, association and aspect of other planet on it. The planets move through the zodiac signs in constant motion and stay in a sign for some duration this is called the transit of planets. Among the nine planets Saturn's Transit in one rashi is the longest. Saturn is called a karmic planet. Saturn rules oil, iron, refineries, mining, machinery, labor, judiciary, helpers, darkness, black, night, delays and obstructions in life. Well the planet, who keeps account of our karmas, plays very important role in life. Saturn moves very slowly and it stays about two and half years in one rashi. Saturn's transit is due in mid November this year.

A major astrological event is likely to take place on 15th November 2011, when the Karmic and the most discussed planet of the Universe, Saturn shall transit to Libra. Curiosity of people is mounting high to know about the effects of Saturn's Transit in Libra. especially those who have Moon in Virgo, Libra& Scorpio rashis because transiting Saturn enters into the 2nd, 1st, and 12th signs of these rashis hence Virgo, Libra and Scorpio will be under the impact of Saturn Sadesati, while Cancer and Pisces will face Dhaiyya as Saturn will transit in fourth and eighth houses of these rashis.

Generally, People are so scared of Sadesati and Dhaiyya and they don't like to talk about it. Saturn is believed to be a cruel planet, astrologically it is held to be the deity of justice. The native suffers the consequences of his or her deeds in the various phases of Saturn represented by its major, minor or sub-minor periods or in its Dhaiyya or Sade Sati.

Saturn's Transit in the 12th (from the moon sign) house is called‘Drishti' .Its transit over natal Moon is called‘Bhoga' and in the second house from the Moon sign is called (Laat). This way Saturn troubles eyes (Drishti) stomach (Bhoga) and legs (laat) respectively during the period of Sade Sati.

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Though every transit of Saturn has its own importance but this one is very important because this happens once in 27 years when Saturn or shani Dev will be in the best house in which he exalts and feels relaxed. Let us see how its Transit in Libra casts its impact on various signs.Those born in Pushya, Anuradha, Uttara Bhadrapada Nakshtras could expect great relief from all the problems they were facing so far. Further, if they are in Saturn Dasha, and Saturn is positioned in their birth chart in Capricorn or Aquarius or in Libra and is not with Mars, Rahu or Ketu and also has aspect from benefic Planet, they can expect satisfactory progress in health, career and financial status during this transit in Libra by Saturn.

Saturn in Libra– Its Impact On All Zodiac Signs

Aries- for Aries person, Saturn makes home in seventh house. Being a Badhaka planet for Aries Read More...

Taurus- for Taurus Rashi, Saturn makes home in Sixth from the rashi. Saturn being yokkari planet, Read More...

Gemini:- Gemini natives are free from the impact of Dhaiyya period with Saturn's transit in Libra in fifth house from rashi. Read More...

Cancer:- Saturn's transit in the fourth from Moon indicates Dhaiyya operation. There will be mental tension, Read More...

Leo:- Leo natives will be free from the impact of Saturn Sade sati with its transit in Libra. Saturn's position in the 3rd house for Leo natives Read More...

Virgo:- For Virgo natives, it will the end of second phase of Saturn sadesati and last phase of sade sati will be operation. Read More...

Libra:- Sadesati will continue to operate. Saturn will transit over the natal moon. You will be facing second phase causing physical& mental discomfitures.Read More...

Scorpio:- Scorpio natives are starting with Saturn's Sadesati with Saturn's transit in your twelfth house from the natal moon. Read More...

Sagittarius:- This year Saturn would remain in 11th house for Sagittarius natives. It would give them money and income from every possible way. Read More...

Capricorn:- Your rashi Lord is exalted in your profession house. What could be the best position of Saturn than this? Read More...

Aquarius:-For Aquarius rashi also, lord is Saturn. For you Saturn's transit in Libra which is your destiny house will open the doors of good luck in many ways. Read More...

Pisces:- Pisces natives will start Ashatam Shani with Saturn's Transit in 8th from the rashi. It would cause fear from enemies, Read More...

Some Remedies:- Chanting of this mantra 108 times will decrease the malefic effects caused by Saturn:-

1. Aum Shanno Devir Bhishtaiye
Aapo Bhavantu Peetayaiye
Shanyorabhi Srvantu Nah
Om Shaneshacharaye Namah.

Chanting of ‘Shani Naamawali' will be beneficial for you.

Om KonasthayeNamah

Om Raudratmkay Namah

Om Yamay Namah

Om BhabhraveNamah

Om Mandaye Namah

O PeeppalayeNamah

Om Pinglaye Namah

Om ShaneshacharayeNamah

Om Krishanaye Namah

Om Saurye Namah

Om Chaya Atmajaye Namah

Those affected with Sadesati and Dhaiyya lighting a mustard oil lamp under a peepal tree in Shani temple on Saturday and donation of black urad dal, mustard oil and food to poor will be auspicious for them. They should either wear blue sapphire gemstone or iron ring in long finger. However, pooja, homam and yagya to appease the lord bestow one with the auspicious results.

The above mentioned are general results while these could largely differ due to many astrological reasons found in individual birth chart. However, individual birth chart could be studied to know the effects of Sadesati, Dhaiyya period to gain correct inferences under astrological rules.

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