Choosing a successful Profession based on Nakshatras not by Rashi

Choosing a successful Profession based on Nakshatras not by Rashi
Jyotish(Vedic Astrology) without the Nakshatras is as incomplete as the human body without eyes. If Jyotish is the “eye of the Vedas” then Nakshatras are the eyes of Jyotish. Nakshatra and its lord determine the essential quality of a person besides helping to assess the focal points of his/her energy, career, profession and ambitions in life.

After an intrigue and comprehensive study of Nakshatras in relation to their effects on natives’ life, our Vedic seers’ have enriched us with a whole depth and perspectives in choosing the most important part of our life ‘KARMA’ from which one earns its bread and butter i. e. one’s PROFESSION/CAREER as per the Nakshatras.

The native must check their chart and find out their Moon, lagna and tenth lord Nakshatras which lay the foundation of one’s profession.

Nakshatra ASHVINI

The profession/career and interests for those born in Ashvini Nakshtra are- Transport industry, Athletes and all Sports related jobs physiotherapists, druggists and Surgeons, chemists, all types of healing professions, Botanical agriculture, Trainers at Health Clubs or Gymnasium, marriage counselors and child birth specialists. Read More

Nakshatra BHARANI

Well!! Professions suited for those who have Bharani Nakshtra in ascendant, Moon or tenth house (which is the profession house)- All professions related to birth and death – fertility clinics, gynecologists, midwives, morticians- who work for morgues and funerals, coffin makers, obituary writers,& officials’ handlings of birth/death records. Read More

Nakshatra KRITTIKA

Lawyers, Judges, Surgeons, Swordsmen, Fencers, Blacksmiths, People who make swords, knives and other sharp instruments are Krittika person. Read More

Nakshatra ROHINI

All professions relating with growing, processing and handling food, Farming, Agriculturists of all types, Botanists, Herbalists, Artists, Musicians, Entertainment and Leisure Industries, Fashion& Cosmetic Industry. Read More


Those related with Travelers& Explorers, Psychics and Astrologers, Teachers especially those dealing with beginners, clerks and Commentators are Mrigshira person. Read More

Nakshatra ARDRA

Its main symbol is a diamond, even though many scholars see a Teardrop as its primary symbol. As the name of this nakshatra relates to moisture and wetness, the symbolism of the tear drop associates it with all kinds of sorrow. Read More


Fairy Tale Writers, Writers dealing with Astrology& other Esoteric Subjects, and Visionaries. All professions related to Travel& Tourism; Trades& Sales people of all types; and Recycling Experts. Read More

Nakshatra PUSHYA

All those connected with the Dairy Industry, Food and Drink, Caterers and Hoteliers, All those in the Restaurant Business and Merchants of all types. Read More

Nakshatra ASHLESHA

All professions dealing with Poisons, Petroleum Industry, Chemical Engineers, Cigarette Industry, Legal and Illegal Drug Dealers; Drug Pushers; All Self Serving professions like present day Politicians; Behind the Scenes Manipulators; Psychologists; Con Artists; Thieves; Swindlers; Pornography Industry; Prostitutes.Read More

Nakshatra MAGHA

Administrators, Managers, those in direct touch with Royalty, and Those who bestow (or receive) honors, those are super achievers. Those in high positions in Government, People at the top of their chosen profession; entrepreneurs, Legends, Bureaucrats, Aristocrats, Officials, Chairmen (those in a position of authority) are Magha people.Read More


Dealers in products related to women, Gemstone Industry, Entertainers, and Beauticians; Make up Artists, Models, Photographers, Event Managers, Art Gallery Managers, Singers, mostly romantic types, Musicians, and Creative Artists.Read More


Uttraphalguni is highly flexible in regards to professions and can be seen in a variety of professions as long as it is in a commanding position. Read More

Nakshatra HASTA

Artisans, Manual Laborers, All professions requiring dexterity of hand, Mechanics, Jewelry makers, Origami experts are Hasta person. Read More

Nakshatra CHITRA

All professions requiring special abilities and versatility, Business Expert, Interior Designers, Jeweler makes, all types of Craftsmen and Artisans, Sculptors, Architects, Designers, Fashion ... Read More

Nakshatra SWATI

Businessmen and Trades people of all types, Wrestlers, All sports, especially those relying on breath control, Singers, Musicians playing Wind Instruments like Horns& Organ, Researchers, Inventors, Technology .... Read More

Nakshatra VISHAKHA

The most important are Bartenders, Alcohol& Liquor Industry, and Manual Laborers.
Fashion Models& Actresses, All professions involving use of speech like TV& Radio Broadcasts ... Read More

Nakshatra ANURADHA

Hypnotists& Psychic Mediums, Occultists, Institution& Organization Heads, Astrologers, and Spying works are related to this Nakshtra.Read More

Nakshatra JYESHTA

All Policing Professions, Government Officials, Administrative Posts of all types, All Policing Professions, Government Officials, Administrative Posts of all types, Reporters, Radio& Television Commentators, Newsreaders, Talk Show Hosts, Actors, Orators .. Read More

Nakshatra MULA

Shaman, Medicine men, Healers, Doctors and other such people who administer poisons, shots and vaccines, Dentists, Ministers, Preachers, Police Officers, Detective and Investigators, Judges, Soldiers, Researchers, especially in the fields of Microbiology& Genetics ... Read More


Sailors, Navy Personnel, Marine Life Experts, Shipping Industry, Fishing Professions, Professional Hosts& Hostesses, Entertainment Industry, Rock Stars, Professional Motivators and Inspirers ... Read More


Preachers, Priests, Counselors, Astrologers, Lawyers (of an ethical nature), Judges, Government Officials, Psychologists, Military Professions, Equine professions, Pioneers, Explorers, Wrestlers, Sword fighters and other combat sports, Athletes, and Elephant trainers ... Read More

Nakshatra SHRAVANA

Teachers, Preachers and Educators in all fields, Scholars, Students and all those associated with universities, Linguists, Language Translators and Interpreters, Story Tellers and Narrators, Comedians ... Read More


Musicians, Dancers and Performers, Drummers and those involved in the rhythm sections of bands and orchestras, Makers of musical instruments... Read More


Those working in the Drug& Pharmaceutical Industry, Physicians& Surgeons, Herbalist, Professions connected with the Production& Distribution of Alcohol, Drug Dealers, Pushers, Waste Disposal& Recycling Industry, and Pimps& Prostitutes. Read More


Morticians and all professions relating to death or the death process like Coffin Makers, Cemetary Keepers etc., Surgeons and contemporary Medical Practitioners (basically those who administer poisons as remedies)... Read More


Yoga and Meditation Experts; Counselors& Therapists of all types, Shaman, Healers, Practitioners of Tantra and other Occult Sciences, Divination, Enunciates, Monks, Hermits, Those working in charity Organizations, Researchers, Philosophers, Poets, Writers, Musicians and Artists ... Read More

Nakshatra REVATI

Hypnotists& Psychic Mediums, Creative Artists of all kinds including Painters, Musicians etc., Actors, Entertainers& Comedians, Linguists, Conjurors, Illusionists, Magicians, Watchmakers, Road Planners and those working in Rail& Road Construction Business, Time Keepers, Calendar/Ephemeris Makers, Astrologers,, Managers, Professional Hosts& Hostesses especially air hostesses, ship stewards etc... Read More

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