Taurus and Aquarius Compatibility

This is a most unlikely match, but it often happens that you are strangely attracted to the unique and original Water Bearer. Of course, after the initial sparks cool, you may wonder what you could have possibly been thinking Taurus and Aquarius Compatibility
when you joined forces with someone so different from yourself. In the end, this relationship will only work out if both parties are willing to compromise and grow.

The differences between you are legion. You are notorious for your dislike of change, but Aquarius thrives on the new and unusual. Especially the unusual. In fact, the more unusual, the better for Aquarius, which may have you looking for the nearest exit when he or she comes home with an ostrich she agreed to babysit for a week or two. You, on the other hand, prefer the tried and true. Comfortable, familiar surroundings make you feel safe, and a secure Bull is a happy one. Your idea of heaven is likely to be a home-cooked meal followed by relaxing comfortably in your own garden patio, which Aquarius could do well to experience now and then. Everyone needs to be grounded and centred, which is something you come by naturally. In return, your Aquarius partner can help you open up to the wonderful possibilities in life, and to be less afraid of an uncertain and changeable future.

As an Earth Sign, you may find it very hard to relate to the Water Bearer's Air Sign nature. You thrive on outward and concrete expressions of affection, while Aquarius may seem detached and emotionally unavailable at times. Possessiveness is a natural instinct for you, but Aquarius is a fiercely independent and unpredictable soul. Of course, because you are both Fixed Signs, you are equally capable of great loyalty and devotion. It is better for you to be friends than to be enemies, because as enemies you could potentially destroy each other!

This is usually a difficult combination and not recommended for the faint of heart. Harmonious aspects between Moon and Ascendant can increase the potential for compatibility, and with patience and understanding this can be a rewarding relationship.
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