Libra and Capricorn Compatibility

The first encounter between Scales and Goat is intense, due to deep differences. You are attracted by the Goat's sexuality and by that strong, silent persona, while the Goat is impressed by your style and panache. This makesLibra and capricorn Compatibility
magnetism in the bedroom, but you are a creature of discussion where the Goat assimilates information. You weigh up propositions until the right answer comes, while the Goat will wait for sufficient facts, then decide on a course of action. Your avid mental processes fascinate the Goat at first, but your conservative compared may tire of the constant need to debate things that don't lead directly to a decision.

Libra the Scales and Capricorn the Sea-Goat are Cardinal Signs. This is a challenge, so you need to negotiate who's in charge. Neither surrenders easily. You try to accommodate, but you don't like to give up control. You'll find that the Goat is a creature who takes charge with determination, so somewhere along the line, you will struggle over who's the boss.

Capricorn, an Earth Sign, is guided by practical concerns, where the Air of Libra loves to speculate. Goatish realism versus Scales idealism! If you don't compromise, you won't survive. Your Goat can be grounding where you can be uplifting - if you negotiate the process of communication. If you don't, Air blows across the face of Earth and passes, leaving things much as they were.

Ruled by Venus, you are in love with love and enjoy spending money. The Goat is a penny-pinching loner and often emotionally repressed. Remember how that strong, silent image impressed you at first? Cool, structured Saturn is strong in both Signs, but your match is best served if you have domain in different areas, perhaps with you in charge at home, while the Goat rules at work, or vice versa. This balance between home and work is crucial to success between you. If one dominates in both areas, the other will leave.

You are a creature of persuasion. Your strength is in your ability to see things from both sides, but once Capricorn makes up its mind, the Goat will change it only if you present clear reasons for doing so and allow time to think things through. "May be it could all be another way" has no appeal to Cap without the evidence.

If you want something from Capricorn, be prepared to argue your case in a reasoned way. However, if your Goat won't listen, there's little future, since you need the flair of informed discussion in your life. If you can work this out, you're a powerful combination. If not, it's bound to leave you searching elsewhere for the love of your life.
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