Leo and Capricorn Compatibility

The Lion and the Sea-Goat are strong, creative signs, with a powerful sense of identity, but in many ways they are the antithesis of each other. Leo is ruled by the blazing Sun, while Capricorn is ruled by cool, calculating Saturn. It's form Leo and Capricorn Compatibility
versus substance. The intense sexual attraction between you will wash over the differences, but when the intensity begins to fade, you may focus on what you each imagine to be the other's flaws. You might perceive earth-bound Capricorn to be a bit of a stick-in-the-mud (except between the sheets), though your flamboyant, extravagant soul will certainly appreciate the Goat's grounded understanding of and access to wealth.

Because Leo is an impulsive, emotional Fire Sign and Capricorn is a practical, controlled Earth Sign, you must learn to respect each other's different temperaments. You can spark the desire for some adventure and excitement, while Capricorn helps you harness your boundless energy and pay more attention to details. Money will be a sticking point, for the Goat is cautious and parsimonious, but the Lion spends like there is no tomorrow. You have the power to destroy each other if you don't learn to appreciate and cherish the different qualities you each bring to the relationship.

Though as a Cardinal Sign, Capricorn labours under the distinct impression he or she was born to lead, Leo is a Fixed Sign, so you stubbornly hog the spotlight. In the art of lovemaking, Capricorn is enthusiastic and adventurous when aroused, but can be possessive and jealous when threatened. You are naturally open and generous, though you too can be possessive when your pride is threatened. However, your approaches are totally different. Capricorn, goal-oriented and ambitious, cannot understand your visceral need to be at the centre of everything. The Goat is more of a loner, while you prefer to hobnob with the great and famous, all of whom clamber over each other to get in to your fashionable soirees.

Leo is a Fire Sign, while Capricorn is an Earth Sign. You can scorch the Sea-Goat with your unbridled enthusiasm and legendary temper tantrums, but Goat is just as likely to smother you with pessimistic moods and old-fashioned ideas. Capricorn, a strange mixture of ambition and insecurity, always worries about the consequences, but you enjoy the limelight and have a firm faith in the future.

For your own part, you are the King of Beasts and will not take kindly to being given advice, nor to receiving terse commands from the Goat.Your wide-ranging spirit is filled with potential, but your bold, swashbuckling approach and take-no-prisoners attitude can be threatening to lesser species. Unless there are excellent compensating factors, such as compatible Moon Signs, this is a very problematic match and might hardly be worth the trouble

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