Gemini and Libra Compatibility

This combination of two Air Signs, Libra the Scales and Gemini the Twins, is one of the best matches in the Zodiac! Libra, the focal point of elegance and chic, is ruled by Venus, the planet of love and sensual delight. Libra seeks Gemini And Libra Compatibility
relationship with an avid fascination. Libra lives for love -- and style! Gemini is sociable, witty, communicative and loves variety. Your optimism and knowledge of all the goss makes you a lot of fun and great to be around. You delight in anything new, especially in the sexual arena, and you love to analyse and replay the events in your mind (or on video). Libra fully understands this and can certainly add some very creative ideas to the mix, encased in the most scrumptious and stylish wrapper.

Libra is captivated by your wit and lively grasp of everything that is going on around you, but you are utterly charmed by Libra's artistic, elegant, easygoing approach. You get on so well in so many ways that Libra will be a great friend as well a fabulous lover. Mental communication is high, for you are both stimulated by intellectual issues, as well as social interaction. Control that sharp tongue of yours, for typically thoughtless comments can hurt sensitive Libran feelings. Libra is diplomatic though and can soon smooth ruffled feathers. You both have the ability to forgive and forget. Your only problem is that you both love to splash the cash around.

Ruled by sensual Venus, the goddess of love, pleasure and artistry, Libra is inclined to be more focused on beauty, harmony and balance, but has no trouble spending money. Gemini is ruled by clever Mercury, so you excel at communication in all forms and have little love for thrift either. Both of you are affectionate, fun-loving and fond of social life and travel. Bear in mind that Libra prefers the luxury cruise to the rough trek.

Creative Libra is a cardinal sign and Gemini is a mutable sign. Libra will quickly come up with new ideas and new places to go -- but just as quickly change tack and head off in a new direction. Your easy flexibility allows you to fit in with these frequent changes in the Libran schedule.

Libra is more romantic than Gemini, but the sexual harmony is delightful, for neither of you is unduly jealous or demanding. Tolerant Libra seeks to please and tends to view lovemaking as an art at which, of course, you both excel. Creating the right environment for love is very important, however, and a failure to do so on your part will most likely lead to a rapid, though decorous, retreat. But this delightful combination is a perfect match.
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