Capricorn and Scorpio Compatibility

This is a loyal, passionate combination and can be one of the best matches in the Zodiac. Even if this isn't a romantic relationship, >Capricorn - Scorpio Compatibility
the two of you are likely to be affectionate and very comfortable with each other in a physical way. You make wonderful friends, family members, business partners, and mates!

Scorpio, the Scorpion, is legendary for being seductive and passionate, and you won't mind this one bit. As long as your Scorpio partner isn't out seducing someone else, you are more than happy to be the recipient of so much passion and desire. Scorpio isn't afraid to approach you in a straightforward and real way, and this impresses you. Others may mistake your reserve for aloofness, but deep inside most of you would be thrilled to have someone penetrate your defences. Scorpio can do this and make you like it... what more could you possibly ask for? However, you will need to watch out for a tendency towards possessiveness, jealousy, and revenge. Both you and Scorpio can be demanding and unforgiving, so make sure you both know and agree to the rules of engagement ahead of time.

Scorpio is a Water Sign, which blends well with your Earthy nature. Scorpio is more comfortable with emotions than you are and can help you to open up and express your feelings in a secure environment. In return, your more practical and solid personality inspires Scorpio to use his or her creative powers constructively. As a Fixed Sign, Scorpio can be very loyal and committed to your joint goals and values, and won't mind that your inclination as a Cardinal Sign is to take on the role of leader. However, do take care to keep the lines of communication open. When this relationship goes wrong, the hurt feelings and resentment can last several lifetimes, as neither of you is inclined to forgive and forget.

The two of you can be very happy together, whether this is a family relationship, a business partnership, or a romantic connection. When other placements support good communication and compatibility, this can be a very long lasting and successful partnership. It's a dynamic and exciting match that has potential for the long haul

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