Cancer and Leo Compatibility

When you step to centre-stage with Leo the Lion, it's a cosmic case of light and dark, day meets night. Sensual Cancer, a Water Sign, is governed by the changing Moon, ruler of the night, Cancer and LeoCompatibility

while dramatic Leo, a Fire Sign, is ruled by the steadfast Sun, the brilliant Day Star. The sexual energy burns hot, at least in the beginning, for Fire and Water make a steamy connection. Cancer is creative, yet deeply emotional and quite tender at heart, despite having a tough shell, while Leo is bold and generous, big-hearted yet ego-centric.

Both of you are quite romantic, but this imaginative path for growth takes quite different directions for each of you. You long for a relationship to be meaningful and fulfilling, but the Lion prefers it to be exciting, a glorious challenge. The Big Cat loves to shine amidst a circle of admirers, but you seek to hold on to emotional attachments. Of course you are happy to adore the steadfast Lion, and in return the King of Beasts will supply the warm-hearted security you need.

Leo's ability to handle the risk and to hold a steady course, combined with Cancer's creativity and emotional power, can make a good working connection, but you need to develop mutual goals and work together on projects you can share, so that your divergent energies can be put to work instead of degenerating into jealousy on the one hand and restlessness on the other. You have a deft understanding of finances and are good with money, but the Lion cares little for thrift. Fly now, pay later is very much the regal motto.

Leo, a Fixed sign, has endless determination, but requires a steady diet of worship and admiration, so unless you are prepared to supply this dish, the Lion will look elsewhere for love to lap up. Leo's emotions are wide open, on display for all the world to see, but Cancer's warm, responsive nature can be dampened by the Lion's need for attention and to be always surrounded by an admiring crowd.

The real issue will be Leo's ceaseless desire for social brilliance (which usually means spending big) versus your own need for domestic security and a quiet life at home. Your willingness to play second fiddle pleases the Lion, who will graciously allow you to follow the regal lead. Given harmonious Moon placements, this can be a satisfying, though often combative match that can survive in the long term.

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