Cancer and Gemini Compatibility

Lively Gemini and sensual Cancer are often attracted to each other, but deep down there's little in common. One of the key points of attraction is the lively Geminian wit and great sense of humour, but sadly the Twins have a habit of playing games with love that will soon wound your sensitive feelings. Cancer and Gemini Compatibility
The scatty, flirtatious behaviour so characteristic of the Twins will soon make you feel very insecure, so an affair is likely to be quite volatile.

Sensual Cancer, a Water Sign. is ruled by the changing Moon, while chatty Gemini, an Air Sign, is ruled by communicative Mercury. Mercury is optimistic, outward-looking and communicative, but can be critical and cutting, while the Moon is nurturing, inward-looking and growth-oriented, but changeable and moody. You'll need to develop mutual goals and work together on projects that you can share, so that the energies can be put to work instead of degenerating into jealousy and restlessness. If you can find a common goal, Gemini's remarkable social networking skills and lively command of language can be a fantastic asset, while your command of financial matters and ability to focus beyond the moment will keep the Twins on track and functional.

This relationship is not going to be easy, but if you make the effort, it will be rewarding. Sexually you are intense and deeply emotional, while Gemini tends to get bored easily and is rarely in it for the long haul. Gemini has a deliciously light touch and initially finds your sensuality and romantic imagination intriguing, but basically the Twins are rather too shallow and too superficial to please you for long.

Do you have enough in common for a long-term relationship? You seek security and domesticity, but Gemini hates being tied down. Can you endure the constant round of parties, the restlessness and the gossip line - not to mention the execrable taste in clothes? Only if there are excellent compensating aspects between Moon and other chart factors should you expect this match to endure much past the initial sexual attraction.

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