Aries and Taurus Compatibility

Ram meets Bull! As this momentous encounter takes place, the strange and mysterious creature in front of you will be fascinating indeed. Mighty Mars in the Ram meets gentle Venus in the Bull. Aries and Taurus Compatibility
You seem to have much in common, great determination, point-blank honesty and an appetite for life and life's pleasures. However, clear differences will soon emerge. The Ram's determination initiates and gets things done, but the Bull will take the bull's own time to do things, stubbornly resisting any effort to push the pace.

Aries the Ram is a Fire Sign and Taurus the Bull is an Earth Sign. When Fire meets Earth, the flames may scorch the surface only to discover the bedrock underneath! Conflict can easily result. If you push your bullish partner, you will encounter a force stronger than you over the long course, for persistence is rarely your strength. Stop and re-examine the situation for, while the Bull is a placid creature compared with the vigorous and volatile Ram, you will see few displays of fireworks on this planet like the Bull who has been pushed too far and lost it. Thus, the blunt honesty you valued in your mate could easily become a blunt instrument without proper negotiations between the force of action (the Ram) and reaction (the Bull).

The Ram is possessive and can be jealous with a loved one, as is the Bull. But while you need to be the centre of your loved one's attention, you also love freedom and independence. The Bull however wants to make you part of the fabric of his or her security. Your Taurean lover can be happy at home with simple routines and the comfort of daily life while you are a trail-blazer and long to be off chasing the stars! Taurus loves to save, conserve and play safe, as you would expect from an Earth Sign. The differences in your aspirations will need examination otherwise the risks with love, with life and with spending that appeal so much to you will become a source of frustration for your pet Bull.

In the bedroom, the Ram and the Bull are creatures of passion and fond of carnal delight. However, after the first flush of romance the Bull will favour prolonged enjoyment, whereas the Ram's fierceness can be a matter of the moment (many of them, but moments nonetheless). Learn how to please your more sensual partner, or pay the price. Overall, this is a tricky match that will take learning and adjustment by both of you. Fire and Earth that work well together can conquer the world with their joint determination, both courageous and practical. But, if the mix doesn't gel, then you'll leave yourselves with nowhere to turn, horns locked in a struggle over differences that will not go away

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