Fasting in Navratri

To keep fast during the period,

1. Eat one meal a day and on one sitting.

2. The food should be cooked without onions and garlic and should be pure vegetarian meal.

3. First the devotee may offer the prayers and food to MataRani and then eat the meal as prasad.

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4. Do chant "JAI MATA DI" nine times before starting and after finishing the meal.

5. It should preferably be taken after sunset. (If the time after sunset is not possible, then any other time is also fine, but should be taken after offering prayers and as prasad.)

6. During the rest of the day, fruits, juices, milk and kheer could be taken. (However, some devotees keep fast for all the days by consuming only fruits or liquids This is purely the devotee's choice and offering to the Great Maa Vaishno Devi.)

7. Please be noted that it is not a compulsion to keep fasts for devotees who have health problems, medical reasons or for any other problems. MataRani is all-knowing and kind and showers her blessings on all her devotees.

8. All the time during the period of Holy Navratras, the devotee must keep his mind, body and thoughts pure.

9. Try and visit MataRani temples and offer prayers and Aarti daily during this period. You should start the prayers with the name of LORD GANESHA with Ganesh Vandana.

10. Try and light a JYOT in front of MataRani picture or statue. MataRani is also called JYOTA-WALI and is present in the flame which becomes holy.

11. Try and sleep on the floor during this period. Do not shave or cut hair during this period.

12. Try and avoid wearing black cloths and leather during the period of fasting. (Like leather cloths, belts, handbags etc.)

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13. The devotee observing the fasts should avoid sensual and procreation activities during this period.

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