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Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope (10 Feb, 2014 - 16 Feb, 2014)

11th February 2014 to 17th February 2014

Sun continues transiting the last few degrees of your solar 3rd house while Mercury enters your solar 3rd house in retrograde motion on February 12th. Calculated risks taken by you will prove to be winning moves stunning others around you as to how you managed that! However, retrograde Mercury in the 3rd house cautions you against unnecessary bravado. Be wary of sending mails to the wrong recipients which could embarrass everyone.

Full Moon on February 14th triggers your solar 9th house making this a good week for embarking on long journeys, beginning new training routines, and for philosophical studies. Venus in your solar 2nd house gives you good luck in financial matters and also allows you to communicate your ideas in a way that will please others.

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