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Cancer Weekly Horoscope (10 Feb, 2014 - 16 Feb, 2014)

11th February 2014 to 17th February 2014

Sun continues transiting the last few degrees of your solar 8th house while Mercury enters your solar 8th house in retrograde motion on February 12th. Practical tasks will threaten to bog you down – but only if you let the stress of situations overwhelm you. Coming to think of it, all of us have to handle certain practical routines – no matter how dull they are – because those dull routines are the foundation over which we can perform our more interesting tasks? Take things in that sense and motivate yourself. Venus in your solar 7th house promises you support from your spouse and well-wishing friends as you handle your life challenges. The Full Moon on Feb 14th triggers your solar 2nd house giving you the ability to communicate effectively with others around you.

Some of you may be blessed with “prophetic tongue” now and you must therefore be careful about what you say now (taking care to say positive things so that they manifest in life – and avoiding negative speech or curses).

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