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Taurus Weekly Horoscope (11 Nov, 2013 - 17 Nov, 2013)

11th November 2013 to 17th November 2013

Sun continues its sojourn in your solar 7th house along with Mercury – which has resumed normal motion from November 10th – in contrast to Mercury’s retrograde influences till last week. This helps you in thrashing out differences with partners amicably, and in giving final form to partnership ventures overcoming reservations and obstacles. This is not a time to go all out alone in your efforts – but to synchronize yourself in tune with the moves of others around you to produce a synergistic effect. Your solar ascendant lord – Venus being in the 9th house enables you to have a philosophical view on all things, to chase ambitious goals, and provides good luck in your interaction with authority figures.

Follow your hunches regarding romantic and financial matters and you won’t go wrong. Your methodical and typically cautious style of operation will help you to attain good progress at work.

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