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Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope (29 Jul, 2013 - 04 Aug, 2013)

29th July 2013 to 4th August 2013

With Sun in your solar 9th house, you will be interested in the truth of things and will shun superficiality in all matters. You are likely to be very intuitive and will excel in picking up non-verbal/ hidden cues from people around you. Nothing will escape your sharp eye, and if there is anything amiss, you will be the first one to spot that. This is a good week for financial planning and strategizing. On the flip side, there could be issues regarding handling of joint finances – where you may not agree with partners regarding the best ways to handle such resources. Also, since your solar ascendant lord is in the 8th house, there could be dichotomy between your urge to explore the wider world and the actual need to be tied to mundane routines.

A sensitive week – but one laden with opportunities if you handle situations right!

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