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Gemini Weekly Horoscope (30 Sep, 2013 - 06 Oct, 2013)

30th September 2013 to 6th October 2013

Sun continues to trigger your solar 5th house even as Mercury has moved into your solar 6th house. So, though you will continue to be creative and enthusiastic, you are more likely to direct your energies towards work-matters in contrast to the fun-focus of the past few weeks. Matters pertaining to health scenario may need your attention. Organizing things around your work, budgeting your finances, making plans to meet financial commitments, etc. are some of the activities that will hold your attention this week. Networking with friends will be profitable due to continued trigger of Mars on your 3rd house. You will excel in any official role that requires stern decision-making, conveying matters to others in writing, and projecting ideas.

Venus in your solar 6th house gives possibility of combining work and pleasure, and in spite of your insistence on perfection, you are likely to do it in a way that is not intimidating to others. 30th September, 1st October and 6th October are best days.

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