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Cancer Weekly Horoscope (08 Jul, 2013 - 14 Jul, 2013)

8th July 2013 to 14th July 2013

With ambitious Sun, diplomatic Mercury, and optimistic Jupiter triggering your solar ascendant, and Mars joining the party on July 13th, you may experience great energy and increased self-confidence during this period. There could be the tendency to be self-centred than is normal for you – but this can work positively by way of your ability to shun distractive influences from others while you pursue your goals.

You will have great faith in your abilities and this will manifest as increased confidence in your actions, increased assertiveness in your speech, and increased enthusiasm while you chase your dreams. When it comes to romance, you will cherish those who can make you feel loved and comfortable. Friends and elderly relatives can be a source of strength and support for your efforts now. 11th, 12th, and 13th are best days.

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