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July 2014

Social Networking

The Cancer Sun moves through your 11th house of groups and friends and groups, remaining there until the 22nd of July. This is a social networking time, with old friends who offer sound advice and support enabling you to set goals. As a team player who is good at organising group activity, why not have your associates over for dinner and talk about a few new ideas. Relationships are more relaxed in the comforts of a homely atmosphere, so set the candles and serve up a delicious menu.

The Full Moon in Capricorn on the 12th will be in your 5th house of romance and pleasures. This is also known as the Thunder Moon, Hay Moon, or Buck Moon. Your normally subdued emotions will be flowing and expressed with sensuality and intensity. Romance will be high on your agenda, as will having fun through entertainment, speculations and pleasures. Involvement with children through their activities will be emotionally rewarding.

On the 22nd, the Sun steps out of Cancer and enters into Leo, your 12th house of hidden matters. This signals that it will be time for taking a break and enjoying some well-earned rest, and contemplating whether your creative skills could be harnessed in another field. Doing some charity work or helping out at a local hospital is favoured, or even organising entertainment or behind-the-scenes work to aid those in need. The undercurrent for a secret romance could ignite into an affair to remember.

The New Moon in Leo on 26th July will start a new cycle in your 12th house. A need to keep your strong emotions hidden from others will only imprison your potential for self-expression. If possible, try and communicate your feelings to an understanding person. Explore the mystical side of life, and fathom the depths of spirituality.

Mercury Turns Direct

Mercury, your ruling planet, stations on the 1st, moving direct in Gemini until the 13th of July, dealing with delayed issues in your 10th house of career and ambitions. You'll be busy catching up, clearing the decks of unfinished business that has delayed possible career moves, or further developments in literary and artistic publications. Your communication skills have kept you in the public eye, impressing those in your profession.

On the 13th, Mercury re-enters Cancer, your 11th house. Projects started with colleagues and associates are now on the drawing board, ready for further talks and development. News on the 24th or 25th of July, could see your hopes and wishes approved by authorities.

Popular and Versatile

Venus moves through Gemini, your 10th house of career and ambitions, up to the 18th of July. You'll be popular, so enjoy the extra attention and social success bestowed by Venus by attracting attention to your career, and professional life. Mercury is also in your 10th house enabling you to market your versatile talents by getting your ideas across to those who can assist in achieving your ambitions.

From the 19th, lovely Venus moves into canny Cancer, your 11th house of friends and groups. With the help of your associates and a few close friends, you can plan further career goals. Invite them over for a party, or go out as an informal group and lap up some fine dining and entertainment. Matters of the heart will be extra special; try not to hide those feelings, especially from the 27th to the 31st, when exciting developments and romantic passion are in the air.

A New Start

Mars remains in Libra, your 2nd house of values, up to the 26th of July, after a lengthy stay. Recent sudden changes to your finances, earning ability, business and partnership dealings, have demanded restructuring. The possessions you own, and felt were of importance, may not be of the same value any more. At the same time, this has given insight into your earning capacity in other areas, changing the boundaries.

At the New Moon on the 26th, Mars moves into Scorpio, your 3rd house of communication, so have your roller skates on in weeks ahead. This transit will engender more than the usual volume of communications and activities, especially with siblings and neighbours. You will be swamped with information and ideas, and coming up with an increasing number of your own. Travel and transportation are highlighted and can involve anything from increased concern with public transportation to planning or taking a trip, or the purchase and sale of a car. Develop new skills with machinery or computers at this time. Other projects include writing, design, as well as arts and crafts geared toward business enterprises or that serve a definite function, rather than merely a way of passing time.

You are apt to be more of a doer than a thinker -- eager to turn ideas into physical reality, more than ready to speak your mind, and if words will not suffice, you will not hesitate to use physical means to express yourself. You may either be tempted to physically demonstrate your anger and frustration, or become the victim of those who resort to physical retaliations. Rash action now can cause accidents, especially burns, cuts, or mishaps while driving.

Behind The Scenes

Expansive Jupiter's final stage in Cancer lasts until the 16th, making waves in your 11th house of friends. This major 12 year cycle is almost complete but is still active in the latter part of the sign Cancer. There has been a turning point in your life over recent months, with friends, colleagues, and organisations helping to set your path in achieving successful goals. Your social networking has also increased, giving positive future prospects in your career and ambitions.

On the 16th, Jupiter moves into Leo, your 12th house of hidden matters, where submerged issues, spiritual ideals, philosophy and hidden strengths take hold. Over the coming year, benefits you accrue or gains you make may be hidden, or at least not obvious to others. This can include such situations as being given a raise in salary for certain efforts, but not the title or recognition that should have accompanied the promotion. Adverse possibilities include indulging in self-pity, labouring under unnecessary guilt, or using guilt as a weapon to get others to do what you want. Positive potentials include developing inner strength and power through expanding your psychic energy, intuitive ability, and by overcoming your hidden fears and worry. This is also a period when if you need help, it is likely to arrive just in time to save the day, and it may come from hidden or unexpected sources.

Predicted By : Suzanna Sizzle Sky

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