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April 2014

Position and Power

The Aries Sun is moving through your 8th house to the 20th of April, where you are inclined to focus on matters to do with your current position and power in life. Under this month's aspects, it's time to restructure and transform those creative urges. Your passions increase as you fearlessly justify what is rightfully yours. This can also create difficulties as your possessiveness impairs your normal perception. With the Full Moon and total Lunar Eclipse in Libra on the 15th highlights your money values, love of beautiful possessions, and general resources. Your acquisitiveness may not be justified, as the purse strings will be tight.
Vyapaar Vridhdhi Kawach

From 21st April, the Sun moves into Taurus. New activities and hobbies catch your eye, with education, new courses (including cuisine), overseas travel, foreign affairs and getting your views across as you explore different areas of life. You need to harmonize with the pleasures of art and music.

Explosive Reactions

Mercury, your life-ruler, will be in Aries between the 8th and the 23rd of April. Aries is your 8th house, so an urge to speak your mind excels as you feel the need to analyse and debate. Communication on levels of hidden wealth and power, regeneration and a festering need to bring important matters to the attention of others may lead to obstacles as your determined manner stimulates arguments during the Full Moon period of 15th-16th April, and as tricky Mercury meets disruptive Uranus, when sudden explosive reactions are likely to take place.

Sense of Surrender

Venus moves into your opposite sign Pisces on the 6th of April. Relationships and partnerships for those born in the earlier part of Virgo, are undergoing some confusion and uncertainty, combined with a sense of surrender as Neptune progresses through Pisces. Contracts need extra attention as your normal perception will be out of focus. Idealistic, your depth of feelings will reveal an inspired romantic period.

Industrious and Dynamic

Mars retrograding all month through Libra in your 2nd house accentuates your resources. Industrious and dynamic, you will looking for ways of making extra money. Keen on building up your charming and beautiful possessions may lead to tension. Social urges, entertainment and conviviality, entertainment will be a must this month.

Self Examination

It is time for self-examination, as Jupiter in Cancer transits your 11th house, perhaps associated with uprooting your social demands and expanding on originality and invention. Your friends may be rebellious and forthright, looking to humanitarian disciplines. An exciting time as you explore your own needs in an altruistic way, looking to groups to reflect your urges and idealism.
Important dates including the 15th and 16th April, and 21st to 24th April, are when you are likely to have changes in your circumstances with unplanned setbacks. These changes are not likely to be favourable, and arise through events beyond your control. Saturn's retro track through Scorpio and your 3rd house inclines your thinking and communication to be more structured and precise. Introspection, evaluation, anxiety and seriousness affect you, as news and information weighs heavily while you try to mull through the paperwork.
Dealings with your siblings may take on a serious note. Plans emerge to reorganise your current means of transport, writing, piled work, and administration.
Your finances take on a sudden change especially those involved with partnership, investments, property, insurance, and other people’s money. An inheritance, legacy, or money that has been accrued, could come your way.
A New Moon on the 29th of April will be in Taurus, when you are more likely to be receptive, balancing and harmonising around the home and family. You mood will be responsive to love and romance.
Predicted By : Suzanna Sizzle Sky
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