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May 2016

Broaden Your Outlook

Efficient Virgo starts the month under the Sun in strong Taurus, your 9th house of the higher mind. This time of year favours travel, taking up advanced studies, broadening your range of knowledge and doing something adventurous. There'll be more connection with people from overseas or meeting people with a different cultural background to yours. This may extend to taking up a new language, publishing articles, or imports and exports. You'll be keen on pursuing interests in politics, higher principles, ideals, religious beliefs and spiritual doctrines. Law matters may surface at this time. From the 2nd to the 5th, you'll be optimistic about travel plans, feeling cheerful and keen to pursue areas where you can extend your intellectual enthusiasm. From the 7th to the 8th, you'll be able to explore and express your creative and energetic urges at a deeper level. From the 9th to the 10th, travel will be on the agenda, although this could be subject to a change in plans.

The 6th sees the New Moon in Taurus, your 9th house. During the next few weeks you will explore new directions to open your mind, understanding different experiences, cultures and sciences. This may be the time for you to start a new study, or go back and finalise a business degree. Opportunities will present themselves to broaden your outlook by seeing the world in another perspective. Do a bit of armchair travelling or take discovery paths into metaphysics and philosophy. For some, adjustments need to be made with obligations and restrictions on the home front and with family concerns.

On the 20th, the Sun moves out of Taurus and moves into versatile Gemini, your 10th house of career and ambitions. Concentrate during the next four weeks on your long-term ambitions and goals, especially if these will help advance your career role or boost your public image. You might find yourself in the spotlight, receiving recognition or your skills and organisational ability.

The Full Moon on the 21st comes in optimistic Sagittarius and will influence your 4th house of home and family. This month we have a seasonal Blue Moon according to the modern definition of the third of four Full Moons between the March equinox and the June solstice. However in astrological terms, a Blue Moon happens when a Full Moon occurs twice in the same zodiacal sign in a single year, not just in the same calendar month or season. The second Full Moon of the two in Sagittarius will be known as the Blue Moon, due on the 20th June 2016.

For the month of May, it is referred to as the Full Flower Moon in the northern hemisphere, as flowers spring forth in abundance. It is also called Mother's Moon, Milk Moon, and Corn Planting Moon by some Algonquin tribes. This marks a time of increasing fertility with temperatures warm enough for safely bearing young, a near end to late frosts, and plants in bloom. For Buddhists the world over, it marks the We ask Festival, celebrating the birth, teachings, enlightenment and passing away of the Lord Gautama Buddha. It is considered the most powerful Moon of the year, when great spiritual progress can be made.

This Full Moon will be influenced by courageous Mars activating restless energy on the domestic scene. There'll be an urge to finalise renovations, spruce up the home or clear some debris and items that are no longer useful. Beware of disagreements with family members or dramas that might pop up over past issues. Make sure that you are not making a big deal over small issues. Are they really important enough to make you angry with others?

Mercury Retrograde

The Cosmic Scribe, your planetary-ruler, remains retrograde in Taurus, your 9th house. You might find yourself experiencing delays, hiccups to your to itinerary and diary schedules. Travel arrangements will need careful attention with the possibility of transport breakdowns and communication hassles. Make sure transactions of foreign exchange are in order; overseas business and legal matters could impinge on your freedom of movement. Double-check documentation, timetables, appointments, and relaying of messages and information. Studies may be delayed, or extra paperwork may require a second look. From the 11th to the 15th, and the 29th to June 2nd, you'll find pleasure in taking a leisurely trip that will change your point of view in some way. This is also a good time to extend your education, study foreign languages, law, psychology and philosophy. From the 13th to the 15th, you'll increase your understanding and appreciation of finer arts, beauty, and the significance of historical places. You may even consider publishing written work. From the 18th to the 26th, you'll be in a great frame of mind to do some travelling, receive good news from overseas, or just contemplate enjoying a good book that will open the inner dimensions of exploration. Mercury turns direct on May 22nd, with normality in place after June 8th when you will be back on course.

Good Times

Attractive Venus remains in Taurus, your 9th house. The wheels are In motion to take up that holiday you have been contemplating. With Mercury doing a back flip, make sure you check all communication and transportation and ensure your mobile phone or computer is in working order. You'll be keen to explore foreign lands, visit places at a distance, indulge in different cultural foods and experience light-hearted fun through adventures to places of beauty. Why not visit an art gallery or tourist museum with artefacts? Your relationship with in-laws should be more amicable and harmonious. From 8th to the 10th, you'll be very receptive and happy around others. Enjoy fun activities and treat yourself to good times, celebrations and social gatherings. From May 10th to the 12th, it's a good time to express your visions, find pleasure in artistic fields, and social events with people of different background to yours. May 13th to the 15th, your passion in love relationships will deepen while others will be attracted to a new admirer which may prove to be quite intense.

On the 24th, the Goddess dances into Gemini, your 10th house of career and ambitions. This is a favourable time to excel in your career, climb the social ladder of success and promote your public image. From the 24th to the 26th, friction and frustration could develop on the home front, with family members and within relationships. This could however be a very stimulating time for passion within intimate relationships. Excellent!

Mars retrograde in Sagittarius

Macho Mars remains in lively Sagittarius, your 4th house of home and family. In April, the first part of the Mars retrograde phase began with an emphasis on completing unfinished work tasks on the domestic scene. Relationships with family members could undergo ego differences, which get in the way of reaching resolutions with an older family member or housemate. There may be family possessions, property and real estate matters that hinder your progress with settlements. Exercise patience, although this could prove to be an exceedingly frustrating phase. Keep your insurance up to date, and take precautionary steps when handling sharp tools, machinery, and moving heavy furniture. There's some potential for fires and injuries around the home.

The second part of the Mars retrograde phase occurs in your 3rd house from May 27th up to August 2nd. This is virtually the time when the wheels will fall off the car! Problems with mobility and transport are in the frame. Don't let your aggression get in the way of communicating properly with others, particularly while travelling, or with neighbours, siblings and relatives. It can be a hectic time of activity, when your concentration needs a good dose of mental energy to get you through with tasks. You could be somewhat testy and take remarks personally; don't be too critical in expressing thoughts or impulsive in delivering a challenging statement. Breakdowns are likely with computers, phones, and small appliances, together with the wait-time of having them repaired.

Jupiter Turns Direct in Virgo

Expansive Jupiter remains in your 1st house of personality in a retrograde phase but stations prior to resuming forward motion through the zodiac on the 8th. You'll be able to increase your optimism, refresh and re-evaluate your needs over the coming months. It's a favourable time to prosper, and get to know yourself with renewed growth and enthusiasm bringing out your self-confidence. It's a rewarding time for relationships, broadening your mind, legal agreements and travel. Meanwhile stern Saturn will endeavour to impose limitations on your happiness by reminding you of your obligations on the home front, and with family members. Real estate propositions, extensions and relocating may go slower than originally planned.

Predicted By: Suzanna Sizzle Sky

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April 2016

Financial Affairs

Discriminating Virgos start the month with the Sun in fiery Aries, your 8th house of sex, death and taxes. After the effects of the Lunar Eclipse last month, financial affairs are still on the agenda. Examine your sources of income through joint resources, investments, business partnerships ventures, superannuation and taxes. It will also cover other people's money, legacies and money owing to you. You will be concerned with the deeper levels of your feelings and open to psychological transformations. Your response in close relationships could prove obsessive, so don't fall for a tendency to be fanatical about things. Probe into the mysteries of life, healing, life after death and spiritual enlightenment. From the 5th to the 6th, financial benefits may come your way through real estate, property or through a parent. You might decide to take positive steps toward home improvements.

The 7th sees a New Moon in Aries your 8th house. The next two weeks could find you taking a totally different direction with financial dealings. This is a good time to set plans in place to resolve money issues and obligations, including joint resources and possessions. Changes could bring on emotional apprehension, which you need to understand and let go of. Take action to turn your attitude around in intimate relationships and take on a different view of your values.

On the 20th, the Sun moves out of Aries and moves into sensual Taurus, your 9th house of the higher mind. During the next four weeks there will be more time spent exploring areas of knowledge, advanced study, overseas travel and personal intellectual growth. You'll enjoy being outdoors, connecting with people from overseas, finding interest in political affairs and justice.

The Full Moon on the 22nd comes in passionate Scorpio and will influence your 3rd house of communication. This Full Moon is often referred to as the Full Pink Moon from the herb moss pink, or wild ground phlox, which is one of the earliest widespread flowers to appear in spring in the Northern Hemisphere. Other given names include Sprouting Grass Moon, Egg Moon and among the coastal tribes as the Fish Moon because this was the time that the shad swam upstream to spawn.

This Full Moon will emphasize you need to express your thoughts, ideas and plans. There may be a restless urge to travel, be more precise and involved in discussions particularly with siblings, relatives and local neighbourhood affairs. Your emotions will be heightened as you give your viewpoint on educational needs, including those of your children. You'll be taking short trips and keeping up with a busier schedule. Your mind will be ticking over with strategies, as you look for information, facts and dig for truth. Don't be surprised if you are on the phone more than usual and take up political debates, but be aware of criticism.

Mercury Retrograde

Mercury, your life-ruler, remains in Aries at the start, giving you ammunition to investigate and discuss money matters. On the 5th, the Cosmic Messenger enters Taurus, your 9th house of the higher mind. This will give you more incentive and opportunities to set plans into place, stimulating your mind with broader concepts of the world and its people. You may even decide on a trip overseas, or business imports and exports. Interests in religion, philosophical beliefs and higher principles are in the frame. From the 14th to the 18th, you'll take an optimistic approach and may be the bearer of fortunate news. It's a good time to take up study, travel and deal with legal matters. Explore alternatives in searching for facts on particular subjects; use your ability to grasp differences and transformative changes to the way you think.

On April 28th, the Cosmic Scribe turns retrograde in Taurus, your 9th house of the higher mind. Expect periods of delays in travel arrangements, studies, connecting with overseas matters, and legal matters being held over. There could be issues with foreign exchange, overseas accommodation and difficulties with language barriers. Make sure you haven't been misinformed with details, changes to time tables, dates and bookings. Mercury turns direct on May 22nd with normality in place after June 8th.

Financial Changes

Venus remains in compassionate Pisces at the start, your 7th house of significant commitments, before dancing into Aries on the 5th, your 8th house. With the Sun in your 8th house, and Mercury laying the ground work, you'll notice the change in meeting amicable agreements with financial matters. It's time to attract money, negotiate a loan and formulate a good budget that meets your obligations. Close relationships will be deeper, benefiting from your sensuality and pleasantness. From the 12th to the 13th, this is favourable for home negotiations, improvements and agreements. Your energy will pour into better family relationships, redecorating or renovating the home in some way. On the 17th and 18th, you be able to secure agreements with real estate, property or rentals. Family business dealings should also improve, as will relationships with older family members. From the 19th to the 21st, relationships are bound to be intense, featuring problems with children. Speculations and entertainment plans could cause frustrations. From the 22nd to the 24th, with the energy of the Full Moon, be prepared for sensual excitement in close relationships, or an enthusiastic love encounter. On the 30th, the Goddess dances into your 9th house, making way for some light-hearted fun, and possibly taking a holiday.

Mars Retrograde

Mars remains in fun-loving Sagittarius, your 4th house of home and family. There'll be an increased level of hustle and bustle with family affairs, domestic chores, clearing, sorting belongings, possessions and getting rid of the old to make way for something new. You may even enjoy lively work in the garden, or taking on an outdoors project. Family relationships could prove testy, with egos getting in the way, as you deal with complaints and argue over things. Remember, if you have a compelling sub-conscious drive to force something, it will bring noticeable irritations to the surface.

Mars turns retrograde on April 17th, which only happens once every two years and two months. The effect of each of these phases differs according to the sign in which it falls. A planet is described as retrograde when it appears to be moving backwards through the zodiac. How will this phase impact on you, Virgo? Mars will retrograde in Sagittarius, your 4th house of home and family before re-entering passionate Scorpio on May 27th, your 3rd house of communication. Mars then returns to direct motion on June 29th before re-entering Sagittarius on August 2nd. This will test your resilience and patience, so hang in there till after August 22nd.

The first part of the Mars retrograde phase is in your 4th house from April 17th to May 26th. Virgo may have to face disruptions on the home front, as the War God returns to stir up unfinished business. This could be in the way of previous hasty repairs needing more work, renovations, and unreliability of building contractors to finish off final stages. Arguments could erupt over past family matters, domestic changes, moving, problems with housemates, or an older family member. Property or real estate settlements may be held over, and fights over possessions and memorabilia may emerge. All this will be exceedingly frustrating, let alone your efforts to spruce up your home and clear unwanted items. This is the time to keep your insurance up to date, take precautions with tools, machinery, sharp objects and moving heavy furniture. Take safe precautions to avoid personal injury, and the potential for fires around the home.

Predicted By: Suzanna Sizzle Sky

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