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April 2014

Saraswati Kawach

1st April - 7th April -

Retro Mars in your sign and Mercury in your relationship house on 4th may spoil your relations with partners and subordinates. On the other hand, great financial pressure is foreseen. It could be pressure caused by needs and obligations, but it can also be the type of pressure pushing you towards making decisions regarding money. There will be the time to set roots and get more organized. Don’t nestle any negative feeling, critical approach or arrogance at this time. As this could bring saturation at work, so try to infuse new energy around you. This is also the time to examine your ideals and goals; you may involve in religion and philosophy.

8th April - 14th April-

Work will go well this week especially if it is connected to the others: team projects, collaboration, contracts, consulting, and public relations, etc. Everything seems to be easier along with other people. It's not the time of independent projects or of work done in an isolated environment. The more people involved the better. The limelight could also be seeking you out, so seize the moments to shine in the public eyes. A stable long term relationship may go through a period of readjustment. This is the time to start afresh. In mid week your creativity and versatility may face a road block. 13th 14th new perspective in education, religion, and philosophy will draw your attention as you gain confidence.

15th April - 22nd April -

This week you make many profitable contacts, Full Moon in your wealth sector will bring smile on your face. There are many expenses and travel is also thrown in. You may even look at purchasing new property. 16th and 17th are good financially; your friends, colleagues and female relatives will be helpful to you. There will be travel, could be a foreign travel as the week comes to an end. Try to curtail your expenses, and be on stable ground in end week, there are chances of deceit, and risk of alienating others. Plan carefully as what you embark on now can have significant consequences.

23rd April - 30th April -

Positive trends will start on play in this week. Your actions are reliable and consistent now. Moon in your sign will give you balanced and disciplined approach to life. 25th is not good day, stop speculation, gambling or any short cut means to earn money. This is not the good day for realty and stock markets as well. But you make headway as you gain valuable experience in your profession. Your sign lord Mercury will transit in eighth house, there may be obstacles in important works, you may get busier but the support of near and dear ones will give you financial gains. Take care of your health by end of the month, you feel low energy. Virgo Career Monthly Horoscope for March

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Prediction By : Tarot Expert Sanjana Mittal
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