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November 2014

1st November - 7th November

Information and communication will be the keywords for Virgo in this month. Your sign lord Mercury moves in Libra and makes association with Saturn & Venus already there. At the financial level you will feel the influence of Jupiter, located in cancer opportunities & money will come any time you'll need it, sometimes even in bigger amounts than necessary. Don’t hurry as not all of them are the right ones. As you sign lord is in close proximity with Rahu you are apt to make wrong decisions on 1st 2nd and 3rd. The time is favourable for making new associations and acquiring new property but you can wait till Venus, Mercury get out of combustion. Around full Moon time on 6th 7th you may purchase luxurious items for home/office by weekend.

8th November - 14th November

The period between 8th 9th is favorable. There may be international travel and you make connections that will play vital role in the years to come. This week is highly productive and fruitful for Virgos. Government related works will gather momentum. Those in art, media may get promotion allowances/arrears/incentives, for private sector working Virgos there may be hike in their salary. Your charisma and energy will be good; this is the time when you may have to embrace new responsibilities. Your social prestige shall enhance too. You may get an assignment or great work of responsibility which you shall discharge with great devotion.

15th November - 22nd November

Combust Mercury & Venus could bring domestic tiffs, litigation which could be messy. There are mixed trends and you will have to steer the things carefully. Saturn, Sun & Venus together in Scorpio may cause an inflammable period and you will have to guard against excesses. Futile expenses will also add to your tension. Avoid strangers and unknown person. Between 17th 18th and 20th you will have all your planned projects duly executed. You will get good gains with much less efforts. Students will remain engaged in their studies. This is the time for hobbies, interest, love and romance too. You may meet someone who has a powerful effect upon you. 22nd you may stuck and delayed work may get you irritated.

23rd November - 30th November

It will be a hectic week, scattered with critical situations, in which you have to take action fast or make radical decisions. You might be forced to struggle, to insist, to use a lot of your physical energy in order to carry out everything you have set your mind to.

It's not excluded that you'll have to fight for somebody you work with or have conflicts with a colleague or a subordinate. However, all this effort seems to be fruitful, which will bring opportunities, accomplishments and success. Your talents and abilities will be duly recognized and you will get whatever you deserve. Especially writers, film-makers, artists and photographers will have swell time as Venus comes out of combustion. However politicians still need to be careful and avoid media and critical remarks.

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Prediction By : Tarot Expert Sanjana Mittal
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