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April 2014

Behind the Scenes

The Aries Sun moves through your 12th house up to the 20th April, highlighting activities behind the scenes. Consider doing some charity work, and be aware of things kept in secret. It's a good time for research, acting, and role playing. You might prefer the creature comforts, and envelope yourself with music or artistic endeavours with an inner sense of wellbeing. Travel, higher education, communication, philosophy, relationships, business dealings, and changes to your inner spiritual values will undergo restructuring. You need to consider how you relate to those around you, as you reach out for continued support. Look back realistically over the last 12 months, especially in your dealings with the outside world, what you have perceived, and how you are likely to go for the next 12 months.
Vyapaar Vridhdhi Kawach

A total Lunar Eclipse on 15th April in Libra brings to light matters to do with your inner emotions and how you express your needs, vulnerability, and relationships, including love and sexuality. Outstanding issues may come forward with taxes, inheritance, and possible money coming through your partner or women in general. Avoid confrontations and heated moments during the Full Moon.
Your goals and ambitions will be highlighted as the Sun moves into Taurus from 21 April. Your focus will change, together with your objectives. Your energies will be revitalised as you look forward to the year ahead. As you restructure, bring forward the beautiful elements of life that will enhance your creative endeavours. Your personal magnetism increases from the 21 April, as the Sun moves into Taurus. This will be the start of your very own time of year!

A Romantic Poetic!

Mercury moves from Pisces into Aries on 8th April remaining there till the 23rd. From communicating on a social level through friends and groups, you move to becoming A Romantic Poetic! Your sub-conscious mind will work overtime, as your thoughts are elsewhere, analysing other people’s problems through the spiritual realms. Such insightful vocalisation. Expression will not always be easy as you look to other alternatives with your ideas. Decision-making could be difficult, as your mind is filled with dreams rather than action.
Mercury moves into Taurus on 24th April when an urge to self-assertion comes to the fore, taking the initiative and finding expression through letter writing, telephone calls, texts and the like. Short trips are in the stars, but money matters could also be a point of discussion. Mercury reaches the conjunction with lively Uranus on 15th-16th April, so tempers could flare, with adverse speech creating issues. Anything to do with institutions and documentation will need to be checked.

Romantic Interludes

Your life-ruler Venus moves from airy Aquarius into the fluid sign of Pisces on the 6th for a month-long stay. You will gain momentum through activities with friends and groups. Friendships and love gleam, with a prospect of building the foundations of a lasting relationship. Enjoy the company of others and the

Romantic Interludes

that promises to happen as you will be ready for romance. Go to the movies, and take up that party invitation.

Unfinished Business

Mars is moving retrograde through Libra, energising your work situation. Whether you prefer to work on your own or for a company, your efforts may go unrewarded. Your work colleagues or subordinates will welcome positive feedback for their accomplishments. Any unfinished work issues need your attention now to avoid difficulties later this month. Keep a check on health issues including infections, fevers, or sudden accidents. Bottled up frustrations can lead to illnesses, but exercising regularly will release those pent-up energies.

Relationships Under Scrutiny

You're busy with communication as Jupiter in Cancer transits your 3rd house. You will be able to expand on your ideas, and say what you mean as your confidence shines through. You can relate on all levels. Short trips and creative writing, are ideal, noting that from 15th & 16th and 21st to 24th April, your productiveness to push those ideas forward may suffer setbacks. These would not be ideal times to travel, because of delays and setbacks.
Saturn retrograde in Scorpio in your 7th house means that your relationships go under scrutiny, as you delve and dissect what is lasting and what is not. Observation and organisation of what is called for. Commitments may be broken as you restructure existing promises, with your career advances. Review areas where you have dealings with others, estates, legacies, wills, and resources. Meanwhile, Uranus in Aries, your 12th house, urges you to confront any hidden aspects of your nature that may be brought up spontaneously as you analyse subconscious memories from the past.
The New Moon on the 29th will be in Taurus, so the pressure will ease as you look to a new start in material comforts and possessions, acquiring money, luxury, and beauty. Time could be well-spent in the garden.
Predicted By : Suzanna Sizzle Sky
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