Scorpio the Scorpion in 2013

Making AdjustmentsScorpio the Scorpion in 2013

Industrious Mars in Aquarius activates your 4th house of home and family as the year begins, making this a time for adjustments. Whatever repairs at home need to be made can be handled easily now, so don't put off what you know must be done. This applies to actual physical repairs as well as interpersonal improvements, which can be tricky. Of course, with Saturn in your sign squaring Mars during the first week, it might seem like all of your attempts at improvement are thwarted, but just give it a little time. You may have to take the lead in getting things started, but that will be the norm for some time to come. It's important to work together as a team with your family members, otherwise projects can quickly deteriorate into mutinies. The New Moon in Capricorn on January 11th connects with powerful Pluto, communicative Mercury, and affectionate Venus in your 3rd house of communication, giving you a chance to state your case to whoever needs to hear it. With Uranus activating your 6th house of health and service, you may need to set the boundaries with a coworker who has been having trouble taking a hint!

Making Gains

With Jupiter in clever Gemini and your 8th house of other people's resources for the first half of the year, you should be able to make impressive gains in your finances... people are betting on you to win! The month of May should be especially fortunate, with many of you earning bonuses, winning awards, and receiving gifts. Pay off debts and save what you can now, as with all things, this is just a season and it will pass. Expansive Jupiter activates your 9th house of travel and adventure after June 26th, giving you an opportunity to expand your horizons. The second half of the year is a fortuitous time for travel, whether it is for business or for pleasure. It's also a great time to reach out to in-laws or other relatives at a distance, as feelings of good will are strong. If you are involved in legal pursuits, education, or publishing, you may find that doors finally begin to appear where there seemed to be a brick wall before.

On Your Shoulders

Saturn moving through Scorpio and your 1st house of personality and appearance may leave you feeling like everything is riding on your shoulders. Over the next two years or so, you'll be called upon to carry your share of the load and then some, with people depending on you to deliver. This is a time of heavy obligations and hard work, but chances are good you've been nominated because you are seen as the best person for the job. You may be in a position of authority now, with others reporting back to you and looking to you for direction. There may be moments when it all seems a bit much for you... if you find yourself feeling overwhelmed, find a quiet, peaceful place to recover. Several transits will trigger Saturn's influence in your 1st house this year, including a Mercury Retrograde and a few lunations. You will want to be exceptionally conscientious and disciplined so that you can defend your performance if and when your authority and competency are questioned.


The year gets off to a fun start with Venus in happy-go-lucky Sagittarius and your 2nd house of finances and values. If you have some extra cash, you'll enjoy hitting the New Year's Sales! The Goddess of Love moves into your 3rd house of communication and community on January 9th, meeting up with Pluto, Lord of Regeneration, on January 17th. This is a time of transformation for you, especially related to your opinions and how you communicate them to others. Neighbors and siblings are of greater concern to you as they may be going through profound changes and difficulties. Venus moves into progressive Aquarius and your 4th house of home and family on February 2nd, bringing greater harmony and innovation to your home life. However, as Venus squares Saturn around February 11th, you may feel unappreciated or frustrated with those who share your roof. As mentioned before, Saturn will be imposing heavy responsibilities on you this year, and there will be times when you are tired of having to be the grown-up!

Fortunately, Venus makes a splash into simpatico Pisces and your 5th house of how you find joy on February 26th, joining forces with mystical Neptune. For all the hard work you've had to do lately, here is a brief respite that will have you laughing in the rain and dancing under the stars. Whether falling in love for the first time or falling all over again, you will be inspired and amused. Venus enters fiery Aries and your 6th house of health and service on March 22nd, inspiring you to improve working and living conditions for yourself and those around you. With revolutionary Uranus in your 6th house for several years to come, you can truly reinvent the way you live your life. This is a great time to practice random and senseless acts of beauty and kindness, which can have a miraculous effect on your own state of mind.

Venus moves into sensual Taurus and your 7th house of marriage and partnerships on April 15th, bringing love and affection back into your closest relationships. If you are single, this is the perfect time to meet someone special. Try to make as much time as possible for your significant other... it should pay off nicely by the time Venus moves into Gemini and your 8th house of sex and intimacy on May 9th. The 8th house also signifies other people's resources, making this a good time to ask for any help you might need. In fact, as jolly Jupiter blends with lovely Venus, you could even be the beneficiary of a generous gift or settlement! You are due for a sweet escape after June 3rd, when Venus moves into Cancer and your 9th house of travel and adventure. Whether traveling for business or pleasure, you can expect to have a lovely time. Venus roars into Leo and your 10th house of career and public standing on June 27th, making you the office darling. Your boss and other authority figures will notice your efforts and possibly even reward you in the form or a raise or promotion. Celebrate with your pals after July 22nd, when Venus moves into Virgo and your 11th house of friends and associates. This is a great time for singles to meet compatible playmates, so be open to getting together with the friends of your friends.

Your social life slows down after Venus enters peace-loving Libra and your 12th house of secrets and solitude on August 16th, urging you to slow down and reflect upon your relationships. Traditionally, this is a time of secret affairs and clandestine activity, but in modern times it often signifies working selflessly and in a charitable way. Mystery minded Scorps will enjoy the opportunity to sleuth out information behind the scenes as people are more willing to give up their secrets to you! Once Venus enters your sign and 1st house of personality on September 11th, you'll be back in the spotlight. People are strongly attracted to you and eager to earn your favor, so take this opportunity to push your own agenda. You're in the money after October 7th, when Venus enters optimistic Sagittarius and your 2nd house of personal finance. This is another good time to ask for a raise or seek a promotion, as Venus gives your finances a boost and attracts good fortune.

On November 5th, Venus enters practical Capricorn and your 3rd house of communication, helping you to find the words you need to open doors. Spending time with neighbors and siblings is favored, and you will be especially good at cheering up those who need a boost. Because Pluto is here for several years to come, this transit may bring up issues that occurred back in January. Everything regarding this house will be experienced more intensely as Pluto leads you through personal transformation. In the case of the 3rd house, you will be examining your relationships to your community as well as how you process information. Venus turns retrograde on December 21st, which means she will remain in your 3rd house until March 2014, giving you months to consider your relationships to your siblings and neighbors, and also to better understand how and why you form the opinions that you do.

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