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October 2014

1st October - 7th October

It's time for action! Mars will be in your sign lending you more dynamism and more initiative. You can benefit from the favourable astral conditions; you'll feel bold to welcome the changes. The harmonious aspect between Mars & Jupiter, bearer of luck, development and financial accomplishment and its location in your luck house will be energized. You'll probably be the patron of such accomplishments, for which you have worked hard for a while, with discretion, maybe even secretly. That's not all though. Expect for fate to take you by surprise and for luck to come along when and where you least expect it.

Success is foreseen for those who are in IT, politics, electronics and communication sector. Between 4th and 6th new contracts will help you in your business expansion. Your talents will be duly recognized. You will have strong emotional bonds with your relations. Financial condition will be normal. On 7th you feel little stressed out and lonely. Don’t make any haste decision on this day.

8th October - 14th October

On 8th eclipsed Moon may instigate you to think of what you have lost in the past. You’ll need more than ever to manifest yourself energetically, to fight for something, to prove your qualities, to impose your point of view, to coordinate, to rule.As the positioning of planets promises the best so just get on moving. Between 9th 11th don’t expect prompt delivery of a task, but it will be completed in time. A long journey is indicated. You will come in contact with the influential person which will prove quite helpful later on. It is wisdom gained from hard work and experience earned that will benefit you in the long run.

You shall be pretty positive and energetic and you will probably be in the mood to have little fun as well. You will want to share your good feelings with lots of different people; this helps you to make a good impression on just about everyone you meet.

15th October - 22nd October

There will be economic gains Sun & Venus move in Libra in your twelfth house, challenges might appear and you face some initial difficulties. Those in service may fear their transfer and they may feel listless. But favorable Moon will get you success in all endeavors that you make. If connected with mass media, educational sector, or conducting seminars you will be able to make long term social contacts which will help your net work and net worth in the future grow. Mars moves in wealth sector, benefits through property, land, real estate are likely. In trade & business you will get your due profits.

21st 22nd you will get much time for entertainment and merry making. Your efforts in purchasing property may get successful or your old paternal property related disputes will be amicably settled. Your hard work will be rewarded on 22nd.

23rd October - 31st October

The first 2 days may not be good for your career. Not getting your dues on the academic front can get you down on 23rd 24th. The financial constraints will get over only with your efforts. Mercury gets direct, one plus point which will benefit you through your communication. Between 24th 25th don’t indulge in any risky venture and make investments with much deliberation. Speculation, gambling and any short cut to success make you suffer a big loss. Stop all your illegal deal; people may like to exploit you emotionally. 27th 28th people or things which might offend your senses at other times now arouse your appreciation and interest.

The time is good for higher studies and research work; if you focus you will definitely get the success. Try to bring change in your routine and monotonous work. 30th 31st there will be happiness in accomplishment of some work.

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Prediction By : Tarot Expert Sanjana Mittal
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