Scorpio Career Monthly Horoscope provides Free Career Monthly Horoscope for Scorpio By our astrology expert Sanjana Mittal . Truthstar predicts what the stars hold of Scorpio for your career monthly horoscope in this month.

August 2014

1st August - 7th August

A turn of events in your career and public standing will give positive boost to your income and provide opportunities for productivity. For Scorpio people there will be success and of course money kept in store! In your professional life you strike the right balance. Different energies are at play at work and you are ready to face all them with confidence. The Sun favors you despite other difficult planetary positions.

So much activity will take place at the work front, but lots of it happening in a much hidden way which shall reflect your career in the long run. As a deep mystic connection has been activated and that has the capacity of uprooting your established thought patterns and behavior. Main planet Jupiter will gain strength by weekend, you feel better and motivated.

8th August - 14th August

Full moon in your initiative house will increase your initiative and leadership could electrify your performance. Politicians/administrative/teachers/Gurus/healers will go productive and successful. Jewelers, designers will do well too. Sun, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter & in your ninth house instantly boosts your energy level and promising an upswing in your career. Professionally, your luck shall be favorable. Unexpected short trips and conversations with new people will make this an interesting week. Written correspondence shall bring special gains. Some data and new information will click you and you find some bright chances to grow in your career. There would be a test of your managerial, communication and team building skills this time. Students can do extremely well if focused.

15th August - 21st August

With change in planetary position in this week, Scorpio people will gain more confidence. Probably you get the right answer about yourself, your potentials and your place in the world. Sun and Mercury move in your career house and this is the best position to gain the favor of your seniors, promotion and higher status. This can be wonderfully productive period because you have strong urge to make improvements and introduce reform in your job or professional life. Some of you may get challenge in your work and health that may spur you into some serious spiritual reflection and self improvement campaign.

22nd August - 31st August

New contacts and relations made in this period will be profitable. For students it is a good week. They will be focused and goal oriented. Around New Moon on 26th is a good time to make plan for vacations, sports events, artistic and entertainment activities. You might also discuss issues related to the care and education of children. Support of partners and close friends in business will prove beneficial. You are tempted to deviate from your routine, and feel little restricted and lack of freedom in month end. You might face challenges to prove your talents in front of your seniors. This is not the time to worry about what you do not have this is the time to see where and what you might be.

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Prediction By : Tarot Expert Sanjana Mittal
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