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July 2014

1st July - 7th July

Jupiter enters your ninth house and this is one of the most favorable transits as there will be expansion, pride, and confidence. You will feel good in this week. Moon in career house will give you success if pursuing or attending higher studies. You will obtain all the support and time is favorable for going abroad or on pilgrimages.

It will be a time of success with studies, research or other intellectual preoccupations, as well as with activities related to the higher education, cultural or publishing environments. It can also prove to be favorable to work relationships at a distance, to trips, tourism or import-export. Venus in your partnership house speak of benefits that will come through the partner or associates, of earnings owed to extra collaborations, of gifts, recuperation or solutions related to banks or other financial institutions.

8th July - 14th July

You will enjoy great success and attention in your profession. Everything seems to be positive. Any kind of work that needs precise thinking and concentration will be completed. As the week progresses you will try to be transparent as possible, and will have clarity about your own growth path. You will reach a point of equilibrium and your actions are reliable and consistent. Full Moon falls on 12th and that promises to bring you big financial satisfactions. Your position becomes secure and you will make impression on others. You take part in religious and spiritual activities; don’t look for perfection at this time. As your sign lord Mars moves in Libra on 14th , you are most likely to be cheated due to misplaced affection causing introspection, a change in attitude.

15th July - 22nd July

You are being tested on all fronts whether it is work, business, love and relationships. Identify your priorities and focus on them to the exclusion of everything. You know what must be done at this time. With planetary transition in Sun, situation is in control. If you watch this period closely you will realize much later that it played significant role in your life. Moon in your fifth house will regain your confidence.

Religious function in the family like marriage, child birth may take place. You are driven and ambitious and stop at nothing to get ahead in life. People help you and there is all round growth. Your increased aesthetic values motivate you to bring some changes in your life style and work. Financial gains will increase your confidence too.

23rd July - 31st July

The full Moon positive impact will help you grow professionally and financially. 22nd 23rd 24th and 25th be cautious of obsessions, passions and quick success. Occult and metaphysical subjects will greatly interest you. Make best use of the contacts you have previously established. You want to share whatever good fortune you have. Your imagination is vivid now. You are compassionate and emotionally available with your colleagues and friends.

Domestic issues will make you busier at this time; you need to carry the team along with you. Yoga, meditation, occult and life secrets will draw your attention and try to find answer them all. While you are busy yourself with work and play, you test your potentials with others and come out with flying colors. The month ends with happy note as there will be some good news on professional front.

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Prediction By : Tarot Expert Sanjana Mittal
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