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September 2014

1st September - 7th September

The starting of the week will be demanding and somewhat motivating. You feel quite energetic as sign lord Mars moves in your sign. Sun in career house will help you gain favors from seniors. Things should run smoothly and if there are complications, then clear communication will help you sail through any temporary turbulence. Between 2nd & 4th you will be able to establish a positive equilibrium between your wants and drive.

A problem that has vexed you for sometime may finally have a solution. You will meet many new people and learn a lot from them. There could be a new relationship with a much older person may be Guru or teacher and your spiritual grounding will be strengthened. There could be gains both emotional and financial by end of week.

8th September - 14th September

Troubles may arrive and will go also as you manage to solve them with your courage. The period between 8th -10th will prove quite contented, Full Moon in Pisces will make you to embrace positive changes and initiate what you feel will bring you the most happiness. Do not over step your bounds as power struggle could well be with someone in authority in your own profession and may cost you badly. End of the week is good, you will recover loses, self confidence and strained relations to some extent. New contacts will be established, which will prove beneficial. Concentrate on getting along not getting your way. You may think of investment in property.

15th September - 22nd September

Sun moving in Virgo this week, your honesty and sincerity will earn you good name. There will be good earning and you feeling quite free from various bondages. You find your way out of tight situations. In between 17th and 18th though your efficiency will be down and may feel tense seeing your enemies lagging you behind. Things have now reached the stage where you must stand up for yourself and what matters most. Finally the week comes to an end with happy note. Moon’s auspicious transit would make success in all aspects. There will be craving for new learning, you can join some course/training and winning in competitive exam is likely. Favor from the seniors will give boost to your career.

23rd September - 30th September

This can be a positive time. You may acquire possession, money, social prestige and even spiritual growth. Success is yours and you may be tempted to expand beyond any reasonable limit. Find out the answer within of all the course of action. Your intuition will work wonderfully and guide you at this juncture. 27th 28th be cautious of your rivals they may try to put you down. But strong Mars in your sign will be very supportive it increases your confidence. It may be good idea to take break and try out yoga and meditation or anything else that can soothe your frayed nerves. 29th 30th are good for your mobility, there will be travel & things will pick up speed in your favor. Seek out more information in order to make good choices later this month.

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Prediction By : Tarot Expert Sanjana Mittal
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